FOW has always been an integral part of what makes the Wellington community such a warm, welcoming and vibrant place. We are grateful to all the amazing parents who are so generous in contributing their time and talents to the ever-widening array of events we host. Being involved in FOW is a wonderful way for parents to take part in their children’s school lives and forge stronger ties with the rest of the community. Everyone is welcome to play a part in making Wellington the best it can be, so don’t be shy!

Friends of Wellington

Friends of Wellington

The Friends of Wellington (FOW) is an association which includes all parents and teachers, plus other members of the school community. It meets regularly and consistently contributes to making life at the College vibrant, not just for the pupils but for the whole community, by working to bring people together to share, learn and to celebrate.

FOW-led events such as the International Food Fair, Chinese New Year celebrations, the Summer Festival which gets bigger and better each year, culture trips and various events for parents all demonstrate the highly social and cultural sides of the Wellington community. The College and its supportive parents also collaborate on an expansive programme of charitable events which offer everyone the chance to become involved in a number of worthy causes.

So much more than a parent-teacher association, the Friends of Wellington is an integral part of College life and is the driving force behind many of the annual highlights of our calendar.


Each year, along with numerous coffee mornings, mixers, art rendezvous and other outings, the FOW is deeply involved with the organisation, preparation and execution of many of Wellington’s most celebrated events, including:

Summer Festival: Perhaps the biggest and most vibrant annual gathering of the Wellington community, the Summer Festival features attractions, food and beverage, family fun activities and entertainments.

Christmas Bazaar: The culmination of the Michaelmas term sees the College Dome transformed into a winter wonderland as vendors line the aisles with a dazzling array of Christmas treats and present ideas.

International Food Fair: Another perennial favourite of pupils, parents and teachers alike, the IFF is a fitting tribute to Wellington’s inherent inclusivity and multiculturalism as the community comes together to share and celebrate our cultures and heritage with an international parade and food festival.

Annual Ball: The end of each academic year is a time for celebration of the year’s achievements as well as a time to say fond farewells to those whose time with the College is at an end. The Annual Ball is more than a grand party, it’s a special moment for parents and staff to come together in celebration and mutual appreciation.


If you would like to join the Friends of Wellington core committee, are interested in taking on a role of responsibility, be it large or small, or have other resources to offer, please e-mail:

Please follow the FOW wechat to keep up to date on our many and varied events, projects and more.



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