Model United Nations

On 25th October, 26 pupils from Wellington College International Tianjin joined up with another 300+ pupils from international schools across China to participate in TIANMUN’s three-day United Nations simulated conference at TIS.

The central theme of the conference was “The Paradox of Development” and our pupils represented a number of diverse countries such as Syria, Canada, Denmark, Iraq, Libya and Cuba across a wide range of committees including the Arab League, the Disarmament Committee and the Economic and Social Council.

As delegates of countries, 6 Wellington students were successful as the main submitters for passed resolutions and 3 students were co-submitters on themes such as:

  •  the elimination of anti-personnel landmines
  •  facilitating protection of open markets against deglobalisation
  •  over population in Egypt
  •  eliminating plastic wastes in the ocean

In the closing ceremony on Saturday, Nicole, Leo and Marcos were awarded best delegate for their respective committees. Jurek was the recipient of the best coalition award for the Disarmament Committee and Eric was recognized as the most improved delegate in the Arab League. Our congratulations go to all Wellington’s participants on their excellent contribution to TIANMUN VII.