7PM, 24th/ 25th /26th October 2016

The Black Box Theatre

Tickets: 50 RMB

(Limited tickets available from the College Reception)

Refreshments available from 6:30PM

Jim Cartwright’s play Two was described by Michael Billington, The Guardian’s Theatre Critic, as “a sharp, salty, quickfire evocation of the surface gaiety and underlying melancholia of English pub life.”

Here at Wellington, it offers us an opportunity to explore the relationship between space and words – the poetry of performance: some dark, some humourous, some a little of both. The ‘Two’ of the original title refers to the number of actors originally playing the roles. We however have opted for a wider cast and, as far as we are from familiarity of the setting, to create not an evening of structured monologues but rather an event to be experienced as much as understood. Our production of Two focuses on relationships – intimidating relationships, unbelievable relationships, pathetic relationships but also the relationship between audience and actor and of course a fundamental, if a little less cerebral, relationship that; of beer and crisps. Expect the wall between actor and audience to be challenged, enjoy the ambience of a bar setting with a real bar. Enjoy the experience of what is, in effect, the first extra-curricular Senior School Drama Production at Wellington College International Tianjin.