Wellington College Arts Festival 2018

26-30 March 2018

The theme of this year’s Arts Festival is ‘jazz’. While the idea of jazz will not run through all the pupil workshops and associated activities, it does provide a coherent spine with sessions on drama, dance and music directly relating to jazz. In addition, there will be an exhibition on jazz, three separate talks about jazz, jazz-influenced architecture workshops, pop-up jazz concerts, and a final performance that will be heavily influenced by jazz. Stand-up comedy, with its dependence on improvisation and riffing, is a near relation of jazz. So pupils should expect a fair amount of jazz, presented in many different ways.

Every year, the college bangs its drum (no pun intended) about the importance of arts and culture in general, and – more importantly – acts on this belief. The effect of the arts on young peoples’ minds can be profound, and represent a significant part of exploring the possibility of perceiving the world differently, developing the senses, and understanding what it means to simply enjoy yourself.

Dr Stephen Jacobi
Arts Festival Director

This year’s artists include:

  • David Redic – Mural painting
  • Alex Milway – Storytelling
  • Boris Fabris – Design
  • Richard Scott – Architecture
  • BOP Jazz Theatre Company – Jazz Dance
  • Dic Hamer – Jazz and Music Workshops
  • Kathryn Robbins – Mural Painting
  • Eden Ballantyne – Drama and Storytelling
  • Gary Friedman – Puppetry and Drama
  • Kirk Jones – Film
  • Logan Murray – Stand-up comedy
  • Melanie Gall – Drama and Storytelling
  • Nina Jackson – Wellbeing and Music
  • Steve Sweeting – Jazz and Music
  • Round Midnight – Drama

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