Maya Tarabay Schisano

A ‘global citizen’, Maya first became seriously interested in education when her boys first started school at Wellington College in 2014. Recognizing the alignment between the College’s philosophy and ethos and her own, she put her energy and focus as a parent into working towards that common goal: a school in which all children can thrive and that her boys are proud to call Wellington.

Maya is one of the founding members of the Friends of Wellington (FOW) serving as the events chair since 2014 and the Chair of FOW in the 2018-19 school year. She worked closely with the College to achieve an open, dynamic and inclusive culture. As someone who is passionate about young people she is proud to have helped build a community that every parent, student, teacher and business in Shanghai wants to be a part of. During her tenure she was responsible for many memorable events from creative concept to securing corporate sponsorships – including the Easter Parade, Christmas Bazaar, Summer Fair and the Wellington Ball. All events that have had charitable and community impact.

Maya has extensive experience working in the luxury goods industry including having been a global account manager at Prada. She also has experience in public relations and marketing, consulting for various Lebanese businesses as well as MSN Arabia and Sabil Water.
In addition she spent some time working as a presenter for the National Broadcasting Network (NBN) in Lebanon.

Maya has a Bachelor of Arts, Interior Design, Marketing and Fine Arts from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon and is fluent in Arabic, French, Italian and English. Currently living in Shanghai, Maya has lived in the United States, Lebanon, the UAE, Italy and Australia.