Helen Heatley

When Helen was 18 years old she started work as a professional dancer with the famous Bluebell Girls dancing on the world’s largest stages in the show ‘Hello Hollywood Hello’- Reno. Her dancing career allowed her to travel and work in South Korea, Japan, America and Europe. Helen’s real ambition was always to become a professional actress. She attended the BA acting course at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) a top London Drama School, where she was trained by The Royal Shakespeare Company as well as top professional actors, actresses and directors.

After years ‘treading the boards’, Helen decided to spend time with family in the UK and qualify as a Performing Arts Teacher through the University of Gloucestershire. Helen is an outstanding teacher with many years’ experience in both secondary and primary schools in the UK. Helen secured the Gold Arts Mark for her last secondary school. Helen supported the school and was instrumental in helping it to become a leading Performing Arts specialist school in the UK.

At Helen’s last primary school there were 29 different languages spoken. Ofsted observed Helen and noted that Helen is an outstanding teacher who gives every child confidence to believe in themselves and develop their communication skills.