Alexandra Blake

Alexandra graduated from the University of Wales in 2004 with a degree in Criminology, which led to an initial career in the Criminal Justice System. After working as a Probation Officer for several years, she embarked on a significant career change and, in her own words, has “never looked back!” She studied at Bath Spa University, where she gained Early Years Professional Status and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, specialising in Early Years. Following this, Alexandra headed abroad and worked as a nursery teacher in a newly-established international kindergarten in Bangkok.

Alexandra says of her appointment to Wellington: “Feeling overjoyed doesn’t come close to describing my excitement at finding out that I was to become a part of the teaching team at Wellington College Shanghai. Having previously been one of the founding teaching staff at a school in Bangkok, I feel delighted to have been given an even bigger opportunity to be part of the start-up team at Wellington College.

“The fact that I now live and work in Shanghai just adds to my excitement! I cannot wait to teach alongside some of the most talented and creative teachers in the world. As a teacher educating Wellington’s youngest children, I aspire to motivate children to love to learn. I instil in them a passion for learning, not just for the duration of their schooling but throughout their life. My hope is to create a class who work as a team in order to support one another, to problem-solve together and most importantly to have a ‘can do’ attitude towards learning.

“Through Wellington’s Eight Aptitude approach, I fulfil my desire to nurture children’s emerging talents to ensure they succeed wherever their intelligences may lie. Becoming part of a school with such a strong emphasis on professional development is something I truly embrace. To be the best teacher I can be, I aspire to continually develop my practice through innovative techniques and an open mind.”