Peter Pan JR takes flight

June 6-8th saw Wellington’s Upper Prep production of Peter Pan JR take flight on the College Theatre stage to enthusiastic audiences of all ages. Based on a story about a group of lost boys who never want to grow up, the cast maintained a sense of childlike wonder as they produced a performance with a professionalism and maturity that went beyond their years.

The show was packed with big, colourful and energetic musical numbers. The cast sang beautifully whilst performing impressively tight choreography with the kind of easy confidence that only comes with a great deal of practice. From the happy-thought-fuelled joy of I’m Flying, to the sharp footwork of the pirates in Hook’s Tango, Tarantella and Waltz, the cast never missed a beat or step.

As is always the case with Wellington productions, Peter Pan JR was brought to life not only by the cast members, but also by the exceptional efforts of the pupils and staff members who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.