14-16 June Wellington College Theatre

Cast members: 38 pupils from Years 6-8

Director: Chloe Spencer

Ticket price: 25 RMB. Click the dates below to book your seats.

Wednesday 14 June 6pm

Thursday 15 June 6pm

Friday 15 June 6pm

Past Events

Annie Jr. College’s Musical

8-10 December 2016
Wellington College Theatre
Cast members: 35 pupils from Years 5-12
Director: Michael Larsen-Disney

December 2016, saw the lively and fun production of “Annie Jr.” the musical at Wellington College International Shanghai. Thirty-five young Wellington performers from years 6 to 13 transformed into the characters they passionately portrayed. Some of the greatest musical theatre hits such as ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘It’s the Hard Knock Life’ captured the heart of the audience. The memorable and emotionally generous production received riotous applause from the audience and a well-deserved standing ovation.

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The Wiz College’s Musical

15-17 June 2016
Wellington College Theatre
Cast members: 36 pupils from Years 8-12
Director: Michael Larsen-Disney

On Wednesday June 15, Wellington College International Shanghai was proud to hold the opening night of its second College musical ‘The Wiz’, starting with an electrifying emerald green themed cocktail reception. Presented by 36 pupils, from year 8 through to year 12, the musical was a retelling of the classic Wizard of Oz story, set to Motown music, which was made famous by Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in the film version of the show.

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Alice in Wonderland Prep School Production

17-18 March 2016
Wellington College Theatre

Cast members: 29 pupils from Years 5-7
Director&Producer: Chloe Spencer – Drama and Dance teacher

Wellington College theatre was magically transformed into the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland for the launch of the Prep School Production. The audience was extremely enthused by a visually exciting and extremely well disciplined performance.

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