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Peter Pan JR

6-8 June 2018
Wellington College International Shanghai

Cast members: Prep school pupils
Director: Chloe Spencer

June 6-8th saw Wellington’s Upper Prep production of Peter Pan JR take flight on the College Theatre stage to enthusiastic audiences of all ages. Based on a story about a group of lost boys who never want to grow up, the cast maintained a sense of childlike wonder as they produced a performance with a professionalism and maturity that went beyond their years.


10 May 2018
Wellington College International Shanghai

Cast members: 33 pupils from Lower Prep school
Director: Antony Wood 

The cast of 33 pupils brought the College Theatre to life as they stomped, twirled, spun and leapt through the tale of Cinderella, the downtrodden scullery maid who gets a helping hand from her fairy godmother. However, this wasn’t your average by-the-numbers story, as the cast and crew breathed fresh air into the well-worn fairy tale.

Keep Right On

21-23 March 2018
Wellington College International Shanghai

Cast members: Senior school pupils
Director: Steve Jacobi

March 21-23 saw a three-night run of this year’s senior school play Keep Right On, a new production by Dr Jacobi, Wellington’s Director of Culture. The play took the audience on an 85-year journey through the life of Howard, the well-meaning but conflicted main character, who frequently retreats into his love of jazz music to escape his problems.

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