Wellington Arts Festival celebrates the arts through a collection of workshops, talks, performances and productions, which are facilitated by the visit of renowned artists and experts, many from the UK.

Past Events

Wellington College Arts Festival 2017

13-27 March 2017

We are delighted to announce that the third edition of Wellington College Arts Festival, which focuses on the theme of Film, begins in a few short weeks.

Wellington College Arts Festival 2016

19-25 March 2016

Wellington College International Shanghai hosted its 2016 Arts Festival, which celebrated William Shakespeare, poet, playwright and actor, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of his death in 1616.

Wellington College Arts Festival 2015

4-17 March 2015

Wellington College in Shanghai launched its very first Arts Festival. This is in effect a month-long focus on and celebration of the arts. The month saw a collection of workshops, talks, performances and productions filling the school with energy and excitement.

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