“What is definitively different about the Prep School at Wellington is that we are structured to meet the needs of the pupils at each stage of their development. Pre-Prep pupils (ages 5-7) build a firm foundation of skills and knowledge together with a curiosity for discovery. Lower Prep pupils (ages 7-10) continue to receive academic and pastoral care through classroom-led teaching with specialist teaching for subjects such as physical education, art, drama and Chinese, followed by an increased capacity to be stretched and challenged before moving to the Upper Prep (ages 10-13) where they come under the guidance of a Housemaster and are taught by subject specialists in all areas. 

Andrew Willis, Head of Prep School 

Prep School

As pupils move through the Prep School, the emphasis is on high academic standards coupled with an extensive and varied programme of co-curricular activities.

This combination serves as an integral part of the curriculum and draws on the Wellington Identity, encouraging all Wellingtonians to fulfil their potential. Our main goal is to generate a love of learning that will truly prepare our young boys and girls for success, both in this formative stage of their development and beyond. This is achieved through the highly effective combination of traditional, formal teaching with imaginative and creative approaches, using the most modern classroom practices. The curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum, suitably enhanced to incorporate exciting elements from the International Primary Curriculum and also to reflect the fact that the College is an international school with a multinational pupil body.

Starting from year 5, the pupils will experience the additional benefits of high-quality specialist subject teaching in the traditional academic subjects. The introduction of this style of learning reflects best practice, providing our pupils with top-quality teaching, as well as laying solid foundations for the future. This helps develop a sense of independence and responsibility, as pupils work in different classrooms with different teachers. The Wellington curriculum is rigorous and stretching, having been designed to meet the needs of each individual by giving a breadth of educational experience and an academic depth that prepares them for their move upwards into the Senior School.

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