Wellington College Hangzhou House Singing Competition 2019

Here at Wellington College Hangzhou we have great pride in our house system. It is the medium through which most of our pastoral support is provided.  The homeroom teachers and house tutors meet with pupils regularly, where they celebrate success, discuss difficulties and support each other.

At Wellington College International Hangzhou we have chosen to use some of the most famous and prestigious Houses from Wellington College in England for our pupils. Each of these Houses has a rich and deep history. Participation in these Houses helps our pupils become a part of the Wellington story and builds a strong connection between them and Wellington pupils around the world. In addition, having children from a range of ages in the same House builds a spirit of comradery that spans age gaps. Older pupils develop a sense of responsibility to take care of and guide the younger pupils, while the younger pupils have positive role models and can learn in a safe environment where they feel valued and special.

The Houses at Wellington College Hangzhou are; The Benson, The Picton, The Stanley, The Wellesley, and The Combermere.

To read more about the history of each house, click here.

An important aspect of the house system is, undoubtedly, house competitions. It is through these competitions and other non-competitive events that a group of children really come together and work as a team. Working effectively as a team develops a sense of trust amongst pupils and provides another layer of support for them outside of academic staff. Working closely with others allows pupils to see their perspectives and points of view, broadening their outlook and improving their ability to problem solve.

The House Singing competition at Wellington College in England is one of the most anticipated events every school year. It all begins with picking the right song or medley of songs, deciding on accompaniment options, choreographing the right moves, practicing until pupils nearly grow tired of the music and then finally delivering that spectacular performance. The first ever Wellington College Hangzhou Singing Competition will take place at the end of this month.

The singing competition offers an opportunity for every pupil to demonstrate their values and identities. Each pupil needs to show respect to others and share a sense of responsibility while working as part of the team. It takes tremendous courage to get up on the stage, and when successful, this will hopefully leave pupils inspired to get up on stage again in the future. Every pupil in the class or house tutor group is involved in the performance, so it is naturally inclusive.

The theme for this year’s singing competition is ‘A Night at the Movies’. Pupils and their teachers have chosen a wide variety of songs from various films, including; The Lion King, Rocky, The Greatest Showman, Zootopia and Grease. The range of music represented is fantastic; from classic to modern, inspiring to light-hearted and happy to sorrowful. I am very excited to see what spin our different groups put on the songs they have chosen.

Each afternoon of performances will have two or three judges using the same set of criteria and choosing a winner for the afternoon. The criteria headings for which groups will be judged on include; participation, originality, choreography and general organization, and finally, musicality. The final criteria, musicality, will be worth the most points, as we want the most important aspect of the singing competition, to be the quality of the singing.

The dates of the performances are as follows

  • Monday April 29th  – Years 1-3
  • Tuesday April 30th – Years 4-6

Parents are invited to attend these performances and further communication will be sent out soon regarding booking your seats – to witness what is sure to be a set of unforgettable performances.