Wellington College Hangzhou Book Fair

From 19th to 21st November, Wellington College Hangzhou will be hosting our first Book Fair. The event, organised by the School Librarians, is to be held in the Poolside Café in the Main Building. It will include books that will appeal to all ages from toddlers to teenagers and even grown-ups!

At Wellington College International Hangzhou, we consider good reading habits to be a top priority for our pupils and encourage any opportunity for children to improve their reading skills. Throughout our curriculum we have implemented several literacy programs such as Read, Write Inc., Talk for Writing and graded readers, to ensure pupils are exposed to the written word. Our pupils read every day to expand their knowledge, vocabulary, sentence structures, spelling and grammar and as a result are learning to be innovative, creative and informed. We also believe pupils should be encouraged to choose their own books to read and to facilitate this we provide a library with a huge number of  books, which will grow year on year. Pupils can make suggestions for new Library books and teachers share their expert opinions with them.

Another way we are giving pupils more choice and exposure to books and reading is through Book Fairs; events where we can get pupils discussing new authors and genres and get excited about buying their own books. Chatting to the book sellers, teachers and other parents about different genres you may not have explored before, will expose you and your children to new worlds and adventures and hopefully introduce them to a range of new authors. A good book fair will provide users with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the pages and the written word.

People today are used to buying everything online. Even buying books online is very quick and convenient, this is great, but it doesn’t allow you to really browse. We firmly believe that nothing beats picking up a book, opening the cover, reading the first few pages and then flicking through it to check whether you want to read the rest. Having a book fair is quite unique in modern society because it allows us to take time to look through a good selection and expand our horizons.

Our book fair is being provided by Obido Educational Services who are passionate about getting pupils reading:

“Obido has quickly become one of the leading providers of book fairs and educational toy fairs in China.

At Obido, we understand that book fairs are not just about selling books. Book fairs should be a part of your multifaceted effort to help your pupils fall in love with reading by providing them with multiple ways to choose their own books. This should include a strong library system, a reading club program and regular book fairs.”

When: Monday, November 19th through Wednesday, November 21st

  • Pupils will be brought to the book fair in their class groups according to a timetable created by their teachers. Please communicate with your classroom teacher for the specific time your child will attend.
  • We encourage parents to attend the book fair along with their children, so they can join in the fun of browsing and choosing the books together as a family. This can be done at the end of the school day, as the book fair will run until 5pm each day.


Where: Poolside Café in Wellington College Hangzhou main building

How to Buy Books:

  • Vouchers
  • Alipay
  • WeChat pay
  • Cash

Books can be bought using cash, Alipay, WeChat pay and through a voucher system. To purchase a voucher, you can scan the QR code below. Please add your phone number, your child’s name and class to the shipping details and then they will be given to them at the fair. Please note that the vouchers are not redeemable in the future so it may be advisable to let you child bring a little bit of extra cash in case they cannot find books to the exact amount. At Wellington College Hangzhou, we have a policy of discouraging children from bringing cash to school for safety reasons, so we don’t encourage children to bring more than 100RMB to the book fair.