We Are Ready for School! Are you?

The staff induction process for all new teaching and support staff for Wellington College Hangzhou is now in its third full week. All participants are actively engaging in the process and providing their own unique perspectives and expertise to ensure that, as a team, we are fully prepared to welcome our pupils for the start of the academic year.

We asked our teachers a few questions about their first impressions about Wellington College Hangzhou, and what they are hoping to contribute to the school community.

Q: What do you want to contribute to Wellington College Hangzhou? 

  • I want to bring a really fun, passionate approach to learning – especially in the library so that the pupils can develop a love of books and learning. I believe in life-long learning and I want the children to look forward to coming to school each day! – Bethan Amena, Librarian

  • A school that ensures each and every one of our pupils is happy, healthy and progressing. – David MacKinnon, Head of Pastoral
  • Innovative teaching – Maxwell Keogh, Class Teacher
  • Inspirational teaching – Anita Fryer, Class Teacher
  • I want to do my best for our school to be the best school in the Wellington family. – Cindy Li , Mandarin Teacher

The Senior Leadership Team shared their ideas and perspectives in relation to their specific school sections, and led in-depth discussions on pedagogy, teaching methodologies and what it means to be a Wellington teacher.

Q: What have you been most impressed by, during the induction?

  • Collaboration, Friendliness, Commitment, Open mindedness – Richard Armstrong, CCA Coordinator
  • Respect!!! When we are asked to answer a question, the group leader will deliver the microphone to every teacher personally. That is my first time to feel that kind of respect in a school. – Ares Yi, swimming coach
  • Great interactions among people with different ideas. -Lyu Mmingyue, Teaching Assistant
  • Enthusiasm and passion of the staff, and the inspiring discussions we’ve had. – Carina Ma, Teaching Assistant
  • I have been impressed with the structure of the days. They have delivered a lot of information, but in a way that we have all enjoyed. The induction has focused on bringing this new, large team together and that can be seen already! This team and Senior Leadership Team have inspired me to be the best that I can be, and this will be one features of this amazing first year. – Darren Amena – English/IPC Teacher

This Tuesday, Joy Qiao, Chair of Governors, visited Hangzhou to introduce the history of Wellington College China, and the Governance model that is shared across the group of schools, along with the deep ties and relationship we share with Wellington College in England.

Helen Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer of Wellington College China, also attended, presenting the role that the Wellington College China Central Office plays in supporting the growth and development of each school, as well as impressing on the teachers the very special and important role that they play in ensuring each and every school meets the high quality expectations that Wellington College China represents.

Dr. Ahmed Hussain, Senior Director of Schools at Wellington College China, visited once again to contribute to the academic induction, with teachers modelling what an exemplary Wellington lesson should look like.

Pastoral Care is at the core of our educational ethos and takes shape through a range of elements throughout the College. David Mackinnon, Head of Pastoral Care at Wellington College Hangzhou, provided a detailed outline of these elements, including the House System and the role of Housemasters, Housemistresses and teachers. During this phase of the induction, teachers were asked to share their own opinions and ideas about the role of the Pastoral Care in a school. By creating a common understanding amongst all staff members, we can truly enact the individual education we aspire towards, where every single pupil is treated as an individual and developed to their highest potential.

Paula Wills from Olivia’s Place presented a session focusing on children’s development in a multilingual environment.

Q: What was your first impression of Wellington College Hangzhou?

  • The school has a lot of beautiful facilities and resources. – James Long, Class Teacher
  • Amazing facilities, friendly and motivated staff, well-organised Senior Leadership Team. – Mhairi Macleod, Class Teacher
  • I thought the staff I was going to be working with were extremely helpful and friendly. The support staff that helped us settle into China were also fantastic, and in particular they have been able to help us with any questions that we had upon arrival.  – Jason Billows, Director of Sport
  • Awesome!!! State of art! Very prestigious! – Richard Armstrong, CCA Coordinator
  • The school is set in a beautiful building that draws your attention as soon as it comes into view. It is a large building with fantastic resources and facilities for all to enjoy. – Darren Amena, English/IPC Teacher

Staff members received first-aid training hosted by professionally qualified instructors. Teachers not only studied practical first-aid knowledge, but also rehearsed emergency situations. Safety is a top priority at all Wellington schools, and as such we must ensure that all staff have a high level of safety awareness and training.

Q: What would you say to our incoming Wellingtonians?

  • If you are looking for an inspirational education join us. – Anita Fryer, Class Teacher
  • The building and its facilities are amazing. Everybody wants to help you with any issues. Wellington wants to prepare you and help you to be your best. – Mhairi Macleod, Class Teacher
  • Welcome to an extraordinary school. – Jennifer Gaul, Head of Music
  • You are so fortunate to be part of such a great community with dedicated and passionate teachers. In years to come I think you will look back on your time here with fond memories. – Bethan Amena, Librarian
  • You will be joining a community who make the world a better one to live in! – David MacKinnon, Head of Pastoral