Nick Muzyczka

Nick Muzyczka has over ten years’ experience as a music teacher in the UK, Canada and now China, where he has lived for seven years. He has worked for many years as a professional musician, playing jazz, reggae, afrobeat and electronic music, and has had the opportunity to tour internationally in the US, UK and China.

Having come to the school as a visiting piano and theory teacher, Nick fell in love with the music department and wanted to commit full-time. Now in his second year as a classroom music teacher at Wellington College International, he specializes in digital music, improvised music, piano and music theory. In the years immediately before his life at the school, Nick owned and operated a recording studio in Shanghai.

Nick is an avid player of football, squash, chess and weiqi. In his spare time he plays in four original music bands in Shanghai, playing Irish/Scottish folk music, dub reggae, live electro-acoustic music and ska. Nick spends his holidays either performing or hiding away underground in his new recording studio.