Karl Hayward-Bradley

Karl has worked at Wellington College International Shanghai for two years and has found the experience wonderfully enriching. He previously taught at Oundle School and Warwick School in the UK (a boarding and a day school respectively) both in the independent sector. There he held the positions of head of mathematics and assistant director of studies. Karl was educated at Rugby School and the University of Cambridge, where he obtained his Master’s Degree in mathematics and computer science. After a short career in software engineering, he returned to Cambridge to study for his PGCE qualification.

Karl is interested in all things mathematical, and is a question writer for the UK Mathematics Trust’s mathematics competitions. In his less focused and intense moments, Karl can often be found acting and singing in amateur dramatics shows, and has occasionally been known to appear on the school stage. If there is no stage or microphone nearby, the next best place to look for Karl would be in the vicinity of a pool table – play him at your peril.

As with many international teachers, Karl is a keen traveller, and alongside his wife and young son he is keen to continue exploring the beautiful Chinese landscapes as well as the nearby countries. Karl is still looking forward to being n years old at the beginning of the year n-squared.