Angel Vilchez

Angel is originally from Spain and has now been teaching for six years. This is his second year with Wellington College International Shanghai. Angel had previously worked in the U.K., Beijing and Dubai. He teaches French and Spanish, but he is also very involved in the school life outside the classroom. He is the CAS coordinator for the sixth form and he always seeks opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom, either in school trips, performances or sports.

Angel has a Bachelor’s Degree in physical activity and sports sciences as well as a Master’s Degree in secondary education. After obtaining his Master’s Degree, Angel moved to England, where he completed his teacher training as an MFL teacher with the Centre of International Language Training in Reading. Angel is now about to complete his MBA with Durham Business School and is eager to be part of Wellington for many years to come.

Angel enjoys exercising, his favorite sport is swimming and he practises it as often as he can, he also enjoys biking and he is part of a cycling club with other members of staff. Angel likes to read, among his interests are graphic novels and history books. Angel loves to travel, he has been to over fifty countries and always travels during his time off.