Mandarin Programme

“From the moment they arrive at Wellington, our department ensures that each pupil is given the ideal learning environment to develop a deep understanding of both the language of Mandarin and its cultural significance. From the delivery of classroom lessons, to their involvement in our extensive CCA programme and excursions, every department member works tirelessly and seamlessly together to support our pupils’ all-round development.”

Helena Hicks, Head of Chinese Studies (Mandarin)

Mandarin Programme

Mandarin Chinese is not just a core subject at Wellington – it is a vital element of our ongoing success story. Even though English is the official language of our curriculum, Mandarin is taught as a core subject throughout the College’s age groups, with equal weighting to English and mathematics. After preparatory grounding in Mandarin during Prep School; we offer it as a first, second or foreign language at IGCSE and then IB.

Many of our pupils will be new to China and just beginning to explore the language, whereas others will have complete fluency or at least a solid grasp of Mandarin through their parents and siblings. Our curriculum is representative of the varying needs and expectations of our pupils; every year group is accurately assessed and divided into similar ability groups to ensure that they are in the ideal learning environment to allow them to excel.

Our daily CCA programme is also designed to support an appreciation and understanding of Mandarin, as it includes a wide range of Chinese cultural and linguistic activities. Our teachers work with the wider Wellington community to encourage a greater understanding of Chinese culture by organising a yearly cycle of events including, amongst many other things, school-wide preparations for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Mandarin Programme


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