Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award

Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


The first few months of 2020 have been trying, with several unpredictable circumstances affecting both domestic and international affairs. Fortunately, Wellington College China International Education Group has been able to overcome these challenges and even flourish in otherwise difficult situations. Recently, we had the honour of receiving the Best Human Resource Management Company Award – also commonly referred to as the ‘Best Employer Award’ – from 51Job, the largest human resource provider in China.


The selection process for this award began in September 2019, when 51Job invited 5000 corporations (out of tens of thousands of member corporations) in China to take a survey about their human resource management systems. After a lengthy period of data collection and examination of human resource practices in these corporations – including talent recruitment, development, motivation, and retainment – 51Job selected a corporation with the best human resource practices in the country to be this year’s Best Human Resource Management Company Award recipient.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Since its establishment in 2008, Wellington College China has been a close partner of Wellington College in England, a college in the United Kingdom that has been visited by Queen Elizabeth II on two separate occasions. Inheriting the Wellington values of courage, respect, integrity, kindness, and responsibility from our alma mater, Wellington College China strives to be one of the best education providers in China.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Just over ten years after its establishment, Wellington College China has founded three international schools in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Hangzhou for international pupils; two bilingual schools in Shanghai and Hangzhou for domestic pupils; three bilingual nurseries in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Hangzhou for both international and domestic pupils; and an A Level Centre in Tianjin for both international and domestic pupils. Looking forward, we will welcome two more Huili sister schools in Nantong and Jiashan into our Wellington family.


These achievements were made possible, in part, thanks to the outstanding talent and excellent human resource management we have at Wellington College China.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


What sets Wellington College China’s human resource strategy apart?


Our industry-leading salary and benefits mechanism


Wellington College China has always been able to attract and recruit outstanding teachers and educators from around the world. To date, we have almost 1000 talented academic and non-academic staff from 27 countries working at schools and institutions under Wellington College China. 


A stable, excellent team and low employee turnover rate


Thanks to its competitive salary and benefits mechanism, comprehensive policies and management procedures, and all-round support for the career and professional development of its staff, Wellington College China has established a good reputation within the international education industry


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award



Wellington College China has a people-orientated, truth-seeking, practical, and innovative culture that enables the College to retain talent and remain as one of the education groups with the lowest turnover rate – at 8.7% – compared to similar groups in China. The employee satisfaction rate is also maintained at an industry-leading level.


Competitive salaries


Each year, Wellington College China participates in an industry-wide remuneration survey, adjusting the salaries of our staff based on the survey results to ensure they are at a market-leading level. In this year full of challenges, Wellington College China continues to guarantee full salaries and benefits for all of our employees.


Great paid time off packages and family benefits


Apart from great paid time off packages and benefits for staff members themselves, Wellington College China takes pride in providing a wide range of complimentary benefits to our staff member’s families – including supplementary medical insurance. In addition, staff members who successfully enroll their children in our schools may enjoy a tuition reduction.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Wellington College China believes this consideration and care for our staff and their families allows us to feel good about the College as an employer and encourages us all to work more closely as a community. 


Our professional training provides excellent opportunities for lifelong learners


 Wellington College China places great importance on providing training and development opportunities for our staff. We encourage our staff to be lifelong learners, and hope that they can unleash their full potential and reach new heights in their career while they are at the College.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Huili Institute of Learning continuous professional learning and training programmes


Established in 2018, Huili Institute of Learning provides impactful professional learning and training programmes that aim to help Wellington College China and its schools become leaders among both domestic and international education communities.


Huili Institute of Learning offers a wide variety of employee training sessions on topics like middle leadership, teaching assessments, project-based learning, school-based research, co-planning, co-teaching and differentiation, effective behaviour management, English language acquisition, and teaching environment management. The Institute has delivered more than 1000 hours of teacher training and over 200 hours of professional learning and development to Wellington College China staff since its inception. 


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Succession Planning, Coaching, and High Potential Leadership Programmes


Over the past two years, Wellington College China has introduced Succession Planning, High Potential Leadership, and Coaching Programmes. Through these programmes the College hopes to provide career and development opportunities for our employees as part of a long-term plan to cultivate middle and top-level management personnel. At present, the Coaching programme is available to staff from both the core management team as well as the High Potential Leadership Programme.


Wellington College China provides a series of industry-leading integrated professional learning and training programmes for our academic and non-acamedic staff with an aim to create opportunities for employees to develop lifelong skills. We hope to realise the best in our employees.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Opportunities for internal position rotations and promotion for our staff


In addition to comprehensive professional training support, Wellington College China notifies its employees of internal vacancies regularly in the form of a monthly bulletin, which ensures that all opportunities for both internal position rotations and promotion are made known to staff. 


At the beginning of each year employees formulate their annual goals and discuss these with their line managers, who will then endeavour to provide relevant training and development opportunities to staff throughout the year.


Our excellent campus facilities and wellbeing programmes


 Wellington College China is home to staff from 27 different countries. Although they come from a variety of different backgrounds, we see each and every employee as a member of the Wellington family. Upon joining the group, our employees share the same identity – Wellingtonian. We value multiculturalism and strive to create a diverse environment within our community. 


Wellington College China is committed to dedicating the most comprehensive wellbeing projects to all Wellingtonians.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Cross-cultural events for staff


Wellington College China organises cross-cultural events for staff regularly, celebrating both Chinese and Western festivities such as Chinese New Year and Christmas. In the past we have held lighting ceremonies, Christmas dinners, and Spring Festival evening parties. Through a wide range of events, we make sure our staff’s social and cultural needs are taken care of. 


Wellington College China annually hosts a wide range of events at each of our schools such as the Summer Festival, Music Festival, Science and Technology Week, Christmas and New Year Market.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


We invite all Wellingtonians to attend these events together with their families and hope they can enjoy some quality time together during these festivities. 


Excellent campus facilities


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Wellington College China has top facilities at all of our campuses: IT facilities, laboratories, theatres, tennis courts, basketball courts, football pitches, cricket courts, and swimming pools with standard 25m lanes. Our schools organise weekly ‘fitness camp’ events and provide our staff with yoga, swimming, and physical training classes. 


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Staff can borrow books from our libraries and use our sports facilities – including the swimming pools – for free.


Private mental health consultations


Wellington College China cares about the mental health of our employees. We offer free one-on-one mental health consultation sessions for all our staff members, who can dial the mental health consultation hotline anytime, anywhere, and seek support when needed.


Wellington College China Receives 51Job’s Best Employer Award


Talent is essential for an organisation to maintain its competitiveness and is particularly important for us in the education industry where it is our ‘vocation’ to cultivate talent. As one of the most influential international education groups in China, Wellington College China is honoured to have stood out among tens of thousands of other corporations vying for the Best Human Resource Management Company Award.


As the saying goes, “It takes 10 years to grow a tree, and 100 years to form a good education,” and Wellington College China is always striving to improve and progress further.

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