Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme

Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


Before we delve into talking about scholarships at Wellington College China in 2020, let’s travel back in time to 1872.


China’s involvement in international affairs increased exponentially in 1872. At this time in history there was a growing need for the country to cultivate talents in the language and science sector. In response, a group of young children were sent to study abroad. From that day onward, these children were known as ‘the earliest scholarship awardees’ and ‘the first group of international pupils’ from China.


Many of these pupils became the 'backbone' members of the construction sector who helped progress industries across the country: Railway Engineer Dr Jeme Tien Yow, Kailuan Coal Mine Engineer Dr Woo Yang Tsang, President of Peiyang University Dr Tsai Shou Kee, and President of Tsinghua University Dr Tong Kuo On were some of the great names from this group.


Modern education is not concerned about instilling endless knowledge into a pupil’s mind – it focuses on igniting a passion for curiosity and learning instead. From this short moment in history, we understand that scholarships and incentives to encourage curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge have allowed some of the most outstanding talents in modern-day China to grow.


This commitment to inspire learning and curiosity is what led Wellington College China to introduce a number of scholarship programmes to its schools.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


Wellington College China values a well implemented scholarship programme. 


Several years ago our alma mater, Wellington College in England, set up generous scholarship and dedicated 100% of its overseas income to providing grants and scholarships to its pupils. In line with this practice, Wellington College China has set up the Shuping Scholarships, arts scholarships, sports scholarships, and academic special scholarships that are worth millions of dollars for our own outstanding pupils. 


Taking inspiration from educator and philosopher Dr Cai Yuanpeis famous quote, Rather than adhering to rules, celebrate what comes naturally; rather than forcing uniformity, allow uniqueness to flourish, Wellington College China hopes that its scholarship programmes can help introduce pupils to a world where they are inspired to learn, explore, and achieve great things with flying colours.  


Shuping Scholarship

at Wellington College China


What is gained from society, should be returned to society


The Shuping Scholarship programme was founded in China in 1939. For 80 years and three generations, the programme benefitted nearly 10,000 pupils who had experienced poor study conditions. To date, the programme continues to operate across China as the longest running scholarship programme with the largest number of beneficiaries. Ms. Joy Qiao, Founder and Chair of Governors of Wellington College China, was one of the beneficiaries of this programme. 


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


To recognise the saying, “what is gained from society should be returned to society,” on the 80th anniversary of the Shuping Scholarship, Wellington College China launched the Huili School Shuping Scholarship programme together with Shuping Scholarship and the Shanghai Education Development Foundation. This programme was created to give outstanding pupils a chance to study at a school under Wellington College China. It is hoped that potential applicants who are Grade 9 or above – and come from a working-class background – will be able to receive top quality bilingual education through this scholarship.


As the highest level of scholarship programme at Wellington College China, the biggest difference between the Huili School Shuping Scholarship and our other scholarships is that the Huili School Shuping Scholarship is established specifically for pupils who come from working-class families in China. Not only does the scholarship provide full coverage of the awardees’ tuition fees, but it also covers expenses for meals, uniforms, and boarding fees. The Huili School Shuping Scholarship is, essentially, a ‘110% scholarship’.


Awardees whose academic results and conduct meet the scholarship’s requirement upon enrolment can reapply for the Huili School Shuping Scholarship each year until they graduate from senior high school. This means that awardees with excellent performances can receive scholarships of up to millions of RMB throughout their time at school.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


The initial release of the Huili School Shuping Scholarship will be at Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin A Level Centre in 2020. As Huili School Shanghai and Huili School Hangzhou continue to grow, it is expected that both schools will release the scholarship in the coming two to three years.




Schools that are accepting scholarship applications:


Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin A Level Centre


Who can apply: Prospective pupils who are Grade 9 or above


More details about these scholarships are available at the bottom of the page via QR code


Arts and sports scholarships


Holistic education - the right approach to education


The phrase “holistic education” is somewhat self-explanatory, referring to the provision of education with a holistic, or well-rounded, perspective. This type of education ultimately aims to facilitate all-round development and lifelong learning among pupils. Holistic education represents the pursuit for humanity, science, and a well-rounded experience through education.


The origin of holistic education can be traced back to when Rousseau, Pestalozzi, and Fröbel advocated their beliefs in naturalism and humanism as a response to the adverse effects of industrial-social bureaucracy, rationalism, and utilitarianism that permeated Europe in the 19th century. The advocacy of these philosophers enlightened young pupils and encouraged them to grow freely and fully, comprehensively and continually. For the first time in history, pupils grew into holistic people with great morals, skills, knowledge, and most importantly, a well-balanced and harmonious mind.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


Pupils are at the core of education, so it makes sense that educators should make great efforts to ensure their holistic development. There is a Chinese saying that goes, “Holistic education is the right approach to education.”


Wellington College China is proud that it has been a determined holistic education practitioner since its establishment. Wellington College China takes pride in providing a British style of education, not only because the approach values pupil progress, but also because it places great importance on developing personality, leadership, and creativity among individual pupils. This approach also commits to providing pupils with the best arts and physical education.


Holistic education has been very well implemented in schools under Wellington College China.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


Alongside the school curriculum, Wellington College China also facilitates comprehensive development among its pupils by helping them explore their strengths and reach their full potential through a wide range of extracurricular programmes.


To encourage pupils to delve deeper into the arts and sports disciplines, Wellington College China has introduced a series of scholarship programmes for pupils with outstanding talent in these two areas.


Wellington College China hopes that through these scholarships we can help pupils with great aspirations and outstanding arts and sports talent to prepare for and enter top universities around the world.



Schools that are accepting scholarship applications


Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin A Level Centre

Wellington College International Hangzhou


Who can apply: Prospective Wellington College China pupils with great attainment in the sports and arts disciplines


More details about these scholarships are available at the bottom of the page via QR code


Academic scholarships


Explore knowledge and enjoy lifelong learning


For many years the International Baccalaureate (IB) and the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-level) programmes have been recognised as prestigious curriculums world-wide. 


The IB curriculum is truly international; more than 4000 schools around the world currently offer IB courses. It is worth noting that the appeal of the IB curriculum does not come from its content being imported from foreign countries, but the curriculum can be easily modified to suit a local cultures needs. This cultural integration aspect is part of what gives the IB curriculum such appeal to educators worldwide.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


The A-level curriculum is another one of the most popular international curriculums in China. In 2019, pupils who registered to sit at an A-level exam numbered in the tens of thousands.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


As top international programmes, the IB and A-level curriculums value knowledge transfer just as much as the cultivation of pupils’ capabilities, interests, and personal development, which aligns with the holistic education philosophy upheld at Wellington College China. 


The IB and A-level curriculums both encourage knowledge exploration, lifelong education, and advocate for differences to be appreciated. These notions of curiosity and inclusivity coincide with the vision of Wellington College China as well. 


At Wellington College China, we strive to help our pupils acquire the Wellington identities. It is our hope that pupils will become inspired, intellectual, independent, individual, and inclusive people with truly international perspectives by the time they graduate. 


To incentivise pupils with outstanding academic achievement, Wellington College China has established a series of academic scholarships. At Wellington College China, we are looking for pupils with academic ability, intellectual curiosity, independent thought, strength of character, and an international outlook. Successful applicants can receive a tuition reduction of up to 100%. 


Wellington College International Shanghai is offering awards of up to 50% of annual tuition fees to successful applicants entering Year 9 and above, with awards of up to 100% of annual tuition fees available to successful applicants entering the IB Diploma Programme (Year 12 only) in August 2020. We wish to present the opportunity of a Wellington education to outstanding pupils whose families would otherwise be unable to afford our full fees. The value of the scholarship will be based upon the applicant family’s annual net income.


Additionally, Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin A Level Centre has a scholarship designated for prospective A-level pupils.


Wellington College International Hangzhou and Huili School Hangzhou offer academic scholarships resulting in a tuition reduction of up to 100% to successful applicants who meet specific admissions criteria and grade/year levels.


Both prospective and existing pupils at these schools are eligible to apply for the relevant academic scholarships.


Wellington College China Launches its 2020 Scholarship Programme


Educated: A Memoir describes the growth and transformation of Westover throughout her early life. Born in Idaho to survivalist parentswho opposed public education, Westover never attended school. Most of her days were spent working in her father's junkyard or stewing herbs for her mother.


Westover began pursuing education after she set foot in a classroom for the first time at 17, and following a decade of hard work and perseverance, she entered university and was awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. She eventually earned an MPhil and PhD degree in 2014. Westovers achievement is an example of the profound impact that scholarships can have on pupils. For Westover, scholarships opened her up to a new world of possibilities and helped her find a voice, "My life was narrated for me by others. Their voices were forceful, emphatic, absolute. It had never occurred to me that my voice might be as strong as theirs." 


Throughout history, scholarships have been important sources of support and incentives for pupils to further their achievements. Wellington College China wants to influence more outstanding pupils and is invested in upgrading our scholarship programmes. Through our scholarships, we hope to remind people that scholarships do not create achievements, but opportunities and inspirations. In Westovers case, scholarships allowed her to pursue her dreams of learning in a way she otherwise never could have. The impact scholarships had on Westover was life changing.


Learning is a lifelong journey; from infancy to adulthood, we learn to wave goodbye to our innocence. Learning is not easy; it takes strength and courage for a learner to make new achievements. Wellington College China hopes that fellow pupils and learners can all make new achievements with flying colours – as Westover has.

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