Wellington Pupils Win Big at 1st Attempt

Wellington College International Tianjin is very proud to share the outstanding performance in its 2019 China In-Country USAP and USAD competitions. This was our very first time attending such an authoritative American academic competition. 2019 is the 49th year of the USAP and USAD competition.




All the USAP and USAD students traveled to Chengdu for a 4-day on-site competition. During the four-day competition, all the competitors had to participate in five different types of events including Super Quiz, Speech, Interview, Essay and Tests of Knowledge (7 objective subject tests for USAD students and 5 objective subject tests for USAP students).




There were over 1200 students attending the USAP competition and over 2300 students attending the USAD China In-Country competition. With 3 months of intensive academic learning and public speaking training classes, the Wellington College Tianjin USAP and USAD pupils brought back 16 individual medals and 2 team awards. Which was a fantastic result for the first time entering such a competition.




Super Quiz 1st Place 


“From Mimi (Year 7)
It’s the first time that our school attended the competition. Students came from many famous schools with high academic level and more than two entries before. We would like to thank all the teachers, Mrs. Faba, Miss Luyi, Mr. Batey and those who have tutored us in the whole process of USAP preparation.Always remember that “good luck is another name for persistence”. Wish all our Wellingtonians here have your own GOOD LUCK in the future! ”


“From Sam (Year 7)
The USAP is a very complicated competition. We should not only know what the guides were talking about but also remember so much knowledge that some of them were really difficult to understand at our age. And if you want to get a good grade, you need to read them at least twice. It was hard work and a great challenge in such a short time.In our lives, there are many opportunities and challenges. How should we face them? How can we turn them into success? Every effort you make will be rewarded. Every time you persist, you will be lucky. ”


USAP Medals
1. Arts – Mimi, Sam and Lydia (Year 7)2. Literature – Sam, Angelina, Jack (Year 7)3. Math – Sam (Year 7)

4. Science – Jack, Sam and Jasmine (Year 7)

5. Social Science – Jack (Year 7)

6. Individual highest score award- Jasmine, Jack and Sam


Team 135 – Super Quiz – 1st Place

Jasmine, Mimi, Sam, Thomas, Julia and Amy (total medal 6) – gold color

Over all Team award for Year 7 (trophy and memento)


USAD Medals

1. Math – Ted (Year 11)

2. Economics – August (Year 11)

3. Essay – August (Year 11)

4. Speech & Q&A – Hongyu (Year 11)

5. Fine Art – WILLY (Year 12)


What is USAP and USAD
The USAP and USAD or United States Academic Pentathlon is a five-event scholastic competition for middle school students, providing the benefits of Academic Decathlon along with the challenges of rigorous team and individual competition.