The Week Ahead 13 April 2018


Common Room

1400hrs-1515hrs, Thursday

19th April

This week, the Meet the Master slot is aimed at parents of pupils in Year 2 to 6. If you would like to attend, please confirm via email with Ms. Emma Shi ( by Wednesday 18th April. Mr Raja Ali, the new Head of the Junior School, will be introduced to parents at this event.


Common Room

0900hrs-1000hrs, Wednesday

18th April

Every Wednesday morning from 0900hrs, parents will have the chance to engage with the school in sessions that cover all aspects of your child’s education, from the Early Years to A Levels and university admissions. The venue will vary according to the anticipated audience, and for next week’s meeting, Mrs Julia Ji, the Bursar, will be there to share updates and feedback on the catering service across the whole school.

Parents’ Evening: Years 9

Dining Hall

1700hrs-1830hrs, Tuesday

17th April

Parents’ Evening for the parents of the pupils in Year 9 will be held on Tuesday, 17th April from 1700hrs to 1830hrs, in the Dining Hall. Pupils should make appointments with their teachers in advance to ease the queues that can form at such events.

Parents will have an opportunity to talk to their child’s teachers about their performance in class. Members of the Senior Management team will be present to address any questions that parents might have.

Parents’ Evening and University Presentation: Years 12 and 13

1630hrs-1830hrs, Thursday

19th April

There will be a Parents’ Evening for Years 12 and 13 on Thursday 19th April. It is very important that parents attend at this important time, before pupils sit their public exams. Teachers will be giving a lot of advice on how to succeed in the exams.

Just before the Parents’ Evening from 1630hrs – 1700hrs, there will be a short presentation on universities and summer schools followed by a Q&A session in the Black Box. Parents’ Evening will take place from 1700hrs – 1830hrs in the Dining Hall as usual.

Year 10 Mandarin Trip to Yangliuqing Ancient Town

08:30hrs – 12:00hrs, Tuesday

17th April

Mandarin Department will take Year10 Mandarin learners to Yangliuqing ancient town on next Thursday morning. We will set off at 08:30hrs and return to school before 12:00hrs by school bus. Students should wear school uniform and bring their student card with them.

Milepost 1: Educational Visit to Greening Exposition Park

08:30hrs – 12:30hrs, Wednesday

18th April

On Wednesday Milepost 1 will explore the ‘Greening Exposition Park’. They will have an opportunity to see the miniature reproductions of the famous landmarks in China in conjunction with their new IPC unit ‘Hooray…let’s go on holiday!’ We will also have a fun picnic by the lake, a common summer holiday activity. Fingers crossed the weather and clear air holds!

Korean Culture Day

Dining Hall

12:00-16:30, Friday

20th April

Next week sees our first Korean Culture Day at Wellington College International in Tianjin. Our caterers, Compass, will prepare Korean food for lunch and on the menu will be Bulgogi, JabChae (noodles), Korean style Vegetable pancake and Beef soup with Daikon. After lunch, the Korean community will open a Korean Bazaar in the Dining Hall between 14:00-16.30 (late school buses will be available). You can enjoy K-Pop, Korean snacks and souvenirs, as well as games and more. Pupils are encouraged to wear Korean traditional costumes. All are warmly welcome to attend and enjoy Korean culture in Wellington!

Positive Parenting Class (Language in Chinese)



every Monday

Charges: 30RMB/time

Positive Discipline is a programme designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Based on the best-selling positive discipline book by Dr Jane Nelsen, it teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults.

Parents will learn to avoid power struggles while helping their children to learn self-control and self-discipline. Classes are in a small group setting, allowing deeper discussions and very personalized experience.

Art Class
Junior Art Room
every Friday

Dear Art Appreciators

Exploring Chinese traditional paintings as one of the oldest continuous Art traditions helps us realize so many things about Chinese culture. From meticulous to free style paintings, we will be discovering different ways of perceiving the world. Come and join us in celebrating our first trials in so many techniques, from Chinese watercolors to ink wash. As always, balance is so important for our self-control, in art as well as in life.

Win (or fight for) your piece of freedom in the Art Room every Friday. You deserve it.

Art is a real link of our lives. Reconnect yourself! Art always helps as a best friend.

Lower Level EAL Class
MB 235
every Tuesday 

This class is for beginner level learners who would like to improve their grammar, vocabulary and all-round language skills.

Higher Level EAL Class
MB 231
every Thursday 

This class is for more confident learners who would like to extend their grammar and vocabulary and will have a focus on improving spoken fluency.

Dance Studio
every Tuesday

Dance Studio
every Friday

Pilates is a physical exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates. It is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Pilates focuses on core strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. So, don’t hesitate, join our classes and feel better. You are warmly welcomed.

Monday 16 April 2018

All Day

Catering Survey (to 20th)

9:30AM – 11:30AM

WCA: Positive Behaviour (PHP) group (ES) (MB 125)

4:00PM – 6:00PM

HS Boys’ and Girls’ Football vs TIS (a) (SC)

6:30PM – 7:30PM

Parent Lecture: Soft skills for 21st Century and the Wellington Values (YY) (Common Room)

Tuesday 17 April 2018

All Day

GCSE Art Examination (to 18th) (MFC) (Art School)

8:30AM – 9:30AM

WCA English Class: beginners (PF) (MB 235)

8:30AM – 12:00PM

Year 10 Mandarin Trip to Yangliuqing Ancient Town (YZ)

9:00AM – 10:00AM

WCA: Pilates (Dance Studio)

10:00AM – 11:00AM

WCA: Mandarin lesson with Mei and Aileen (CR)

4:00PM – 4:45PM

Charity Committee meeting (MR) (Duke of York room)

4:00PM – 5:30PM

MS Boys’ Basketball vs TIS (h) (SC)

5:00PM – 6:30PM

Parents’ Evening: Year 9 (DP) (Dining Hall)

Wednesday 18 April 2018

8:30AM – 12:30PM

Milepost 1: Educational Visit to Greening Exposition Park

9:00AM – 10:00AM

Parent Briefing: Catering (JJi) (Common Room)

9:00AM – 10:00AM

WCA: Yoga (Dance Studio)

Thursday 19 April 2018

11:00AM – 12:00PM

WCA: English Class – Intermediate/Advanced (PF) (MB 231)

2:00PM – 3:15PM

Meet the Master: Years 2-6 Parents (ES) (Master’s Study)

4:30PM – 6:30PM

Parents’ Evening and university presentation: Year 12/13 (DP)

Friday 20 April 2018

All Day

The Nest: Tapestry reports published (DZ)

8:30AM – 11:00AM

WCA: Art Class (KM) (Junior Art Room)

8:40AM – 9:30AM

Assembly: Year 5R (YT) (Theatre)

9:30AM – 10:30AM

WCA: Pilates (Dance Studio)

9:30AM – 12:00PM

Nest Open Day (PR) (The Nest)

12:00PM – 3:30PM

Korean Culture Day (HK)

Saturday 21 April 2018

9:00AM – 11:30AM

Sixth Form Open Day (PR) (Atrium)

9:00AM – 12:45PM

Academy Programme (EvK)