Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Experience

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the College Mandarin Department in cooperation with Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held a Cultural experience event together, the slogan being “Get rid of disease on the Dragon Boat Festival “.

Teacher and student volunteers from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine came to the College and introduced traditional Chinese Medicine to our pupils and teachers of both Junior and Senior schools, such as the theory of YIN and YANG and the five elements, including the tradition of using Chinese herbal medicine to clear disease on Dragon Boat Festival and the effects of several Chinese herbal medicines. Pupils who have never seen Chinese massage and point acupuncture were astounded with what the volunteers showed them in the class.

As the most important practical part of the event, every participant had the chance to make a Chinese Medicine Perfume Satchel for themselves. Pupils placed all kinds of herbs into exquisite embroidered pouches, to wear on their clothes or bags. This was an unforgettable event that combined knowledge local customs, while integrating traditional culture into real life.