The Week Ahead 30 August 2019

From the Master 

Dear parents

I was so delighted to see such a strong turn out from so many of you for the first in our series of academic briefings for parents. These, as you know, take place every other Wednesday from 0900hrs and this week’s focus was on the assessment forms we use across the school. Sessions such as these provide an invaluable way for us to connect directly with our parents, but also afford you the chance to ask questions directly to those in school with specific responsibility for the topics under discussion.

Wholly understandably, and certainly more than for any other subject, the acquisition of English among our pupils is the single most commonly asked question I get from new parents. Developing fluency and genuine literacy in children is a key feature in our academic programmes across the school, from Eaglets to Year 13. We have long had a successful support programme in place for those who need extra help in the process of language learning; it is an inevitable part of being an international school with over 30 different nationalities among our pupil body. We do not rest on our laurels though – schools which seek to improve do so through a process of continual self-review and a restless energy to learn from the best – and therefore I am very pleased to be able to bring news of a host of measures we have put in place from the start of the new year to help all our learners, however confident they are in the use of English, in order to accelerate their learning.

There are exciting initiatives in the Nest and Junior Schools, with the further development of the Read, Write, Inc programme for all pupils from Reception upwards; more emphasis on Talk4Writing (T4W) as a part of summative assessment tasks; closer and more rapid interventions for pupils deemed to be in need of short, focused bursts of specialist language support; and more regular and accurate baseline tests to help assess levels of literacy across the school year.

In the Senior School, as well as using rigorous baseline testing (the British Council’s APTIS test) for greater precision in diagnosing language levels, tracking of pupil progress will be pinned more fully against Age Related Expectations and re-assessed regularly over the year. Language support will be in evidence in mainstream classes, ensuring that pupils who need extra help to access the academic vocabulary and technical demands of the curriculum are better placed to reach the highest levels of attainment. Allied to all these initiatives is our on-going Year of Books, aimed at fostering a wider culture of reading and a more profound love of literacy.

The overall aim of all these developments is twofold: to boost language competence and confidence in all our pupils, but also to ensure that, where specialist support is required, such interventions are precise, rapid and goal-orientated, so that children work as much as possible within the mainstream curriculum.

These are exciting times for the growth of English language acquisition here at Wellington, and the details are far too involved for an article of this nature, so if you would like to know more, then you are warmly invited to our next parent briefing. This is at 0900hrs on Wednesday 11th September. Specialist school leaders on English and literacy will be on hand to guide parents through the programmes and answer any questions you may have on the subject. I very much hope to see you there!

Best wishes

Julian Jeffrey



Senior School Parent Briefing: University applications to UK and US

Common Room

1730hrs, Thursday

5th September

There will be a parent briefing about university applications to the UK and USA on Thursday 5th September in the Common Room at 1730hrs. Parents of children in all year groups are welcome to attend. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions.


Anti-Bullying Week

2nd September – 6th September 

For our Anti-Bullying week this year we have an exciting programme of events planned by the student Positive Community group. The purpose of this week of events is to help children of all ages understand what bullying is, and to consider the impact that bullying behaviours can have on an individual. It is important for all of us understand that bullying is more than just unkindness; bullying is a deliberate act to instil fear, and a sense of worthlessness, as a consequence of sustained action or inaction, over a period of time, by an individual or group who perceive themselves to be superior.

Throughout the week, the student-led group will provide opportunities for all the pupils to participate in activities which educate on and promote the importance of a community where everyone feels a sense of self-worth. Many of the activities planned stress the importance of kindness, one of the Wellington values; a value which, when practised, brings happiness to the one who bestows it as well as the recipient.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that each member of our Wellington community feels safe and is valued for who they are. Particularly during this week, we encourage you to talk to your child about how they treat others, and how they would wish to be treated.


Dear parents,

I am pleased to introduce one of the world’s foremost youth awards – The International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. We strongly encourage those pupils who are self-disciplined and aged 14-17 years old to participate in this award. Pupils in Year 9 who are soon to turn 14 years old can also participate in the some parts of the award. I hope the following brief Q&A can help you to understand more about this programme.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award?

The International Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (commonly abbreviated to IDofE), is a world-leading achievement award for young people founded in the United Kingdom in 1956 by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. It has since expanded to over 140 nations. Our pupils are expected to develop skills such as decision making, teamwork and resilience via the programme.

Some benefits of IDoE include:

  • Giving the students an opportunity to do something completely new and improve on things they are already doing.
  • Taking students out of their comfort zones into a place where they push themselves and have amazing new experiences.
  • Helping young people to build, among other things, confidence, resilience, skills for work and friendship groups.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is highly regarded by universities. It is regarded as an integral part of College and the preparation for university.
  • It is highly regarded by international employers.

How to apply if you are interested

  • Voluntary participation and teacher recommendation.
  • Housemaster, tutors and IDofE coordinator to select and approve.
  • Selected candidates participate in IDofE programme in the ASA slot every Thursday.
  • Candidates set up targets and fulfil them; taking part in the activities and trips organized by school.
  • Activities are approved and reviewed regularly by the IDofE coordinator.

For more information, please send an email to Any questions are welcome.


Orange House Trip to Simatai Great Wall and Gubei Water Town 

Friday, 6th September

On Friday, 6th September, Orange House pupils from the Senior School will visit two scenic districts, the Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall to learn from the nature and enjoy the adventurous activities.

Simatai Great Wall, as part of the Great Wall World Heritage Site, is often described as the best section of the Great Wall, with its unspoilt beauty and ease of access. Gubei Water Town is full of old-fashioned houses, old streets, river channels and extensive hutongs. During this House trip, participants will support one another, build a strong team ethos and a more profound sense of belonging. I hope they will also feel more mature and be more self-responsible for their learning after this exciting experience.


Australian Mathematics Competition

Closing date:  9th September 2019


This year, I am delighted to report that we are hosting the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) here at Wellington College. It is on the 21st September in collaboration with ASDAN China.

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was introduced in Australia in 1978 as the first Australia-wide mathematics competition for students. It has become the largest single event on the Australian education calendar, allowing students to attempt the same tasks on the same day in over 30 countries around the globe.

The competition is open to all pupils in the Senior School and registration for this event can be found at,

or by scanning the QR Code

Further Information


English and Chinese


There are five papers:


21st September 2019

A – B: 14:00—15:00 (60min)

C – E: 14:00—15:15 (75min)



200 RMB (includes exam, grading and certificate fees, proctor fee, past papers and academic fees).


9th September 2019

How to register

Log onto ( for registration

Scan the cover QR code to register

Any further questions please contact me

(  or see the ASDAN website.


Every Friday



Mrs Markovic


Every Tuesday



Mrs Yuan and Mrs Zhang

EAL (Beginner level)

Every Tuesday of Week A



Mr Furse

EAL (Advanced level)

Every Thursday of Week B



Mr Furse


Every Tuesday


Black Box

Mrs Stofkova


Every Friday


Black Box

Mrs Stofkova


Every Wednesday


Black Box

Mrs Havlíková


Every Thursday


Black Box

Mrs Havlíková

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Every Thursday



Mrs Markovic

Notice: Any changes of time/date/venue please follow the notice according to the course organiser.



Monday 02 September 2019

All Day

Anti-bullying week (to 6th) (RA)


All Day

Years 4-6: CAT4 testing (RA) (Main Building)


All Day

Week 3 (A)


11:00AM – 12:00PM

Senior School assembly (JMS) (Theatre)



Junior School Parents’ Evenings: Years 2-6 – welcome to our class (to 6th September) (RA) (Main Building)


Tuesday 03 September 2019

8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: Pilates (LL) (Black Box)


10:15AM – 11:15AM

FOW: Mandarin class (LL)



KS3 assembly (DP) (Black Box)


Wednesday 04 September 2019

8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: Yoga class (LL) (Black Box)


3:05PM – 3:45PM

Junior School assembly (RA) (Theatre)


Thursday 05 September 2019

9:00AM – 10:30AM

FOW: TCM class (LL)


10:45AM – 12:00PM

FOW: Yoga class (LL) (Black Box)


2:00PM – 3:00PM

Meet the Master: Years 2-6 (ES) (Main Building)



Senior School Parent Briefing: University applications to UK and US (JMS) (Main Building)


Friday 06 September 2019

All Day

Senior School: Orange House Trip (SK)


All Day

Nest: baseline testing ends (DZ)


8:30AM – 11:00AM

FOW: Art class (LL)


8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: Pilates (LL) (Black Box)


Saturday 07 September 2019


Saturday Activity Programme (SAP) (EvK)