The Week Ahead 29 November 2019

From the Master

Dear parents

There are not many activities in life which not only keep you fit, help you to relax and potentially help to save your life. Swimming is one such activity and as such I know it is a subject of considerable interest to our pupils and parents. We are very lucky at Wellington in that we are one of the only schools in the city with our own swimming pool, and with its recent upgrade of the filtration system, it is arguably the most modern such facility in Tianjin. Swimming is on the curriculum for all children between the Nursery and Year 6, with other classes available for older children in both the ASA and Academy programmes. The school also has one of the city’s most experienced swimming coaches in Mrs Yoyo Wang. Her impact over the past couple of terms has been dramatic and the quality of swimming is now significantly improved at all age groups. In fact, this weekend sees our first competition, with a major event in Tianjin for our best swimmers; it continues the major expansion of our capacity in this area. There will be over 1500 competitors in the Jing-Jin-Ji tournament, so my best wishes accompany our team as they represent the school. In addition, we now have a specially designed programme for swimmers of all abilities and ages, with lifesaving skills embedded in the lessons and a system of certificates to reward achievement and progress.

It may seem odd to write about swimming just as winter sets in, but I think it is important to highlight the importance of swimming for body and mind. The outdoor temperature may be going down, but the pool’s temperature is constant, and the changing rooms are also heated; hair dryers are provided for children with wet hair. It is important that the benefits of swimming remain clear – as one article from the New York Times put it far better than I ever could, “like any other aerobic, rhythmic exercise, swimming produces clear, focused attention and physiological relaxation. In times of stress, concentrating on the action of swimming sets up a buffering sense of physical health, security and serenity.” Swimming may not only end up saving your life in an emergency; it also has considerable benefits for mental health and wellbeing, two of the school’s major areas of focus.

Further information about our swimming programme and the opportunities to get involved in the swim team, please contact the head of PE and Sport, Mr Richard Gater



Best wishes

Julian Jeffrey




From Monday 2nd December, our gate security will have an extra level of safeguarding protection with the addition of a local policeman stationed outside the school during the busiest times of the day. The officer will be there each day from 0800hrs – 0840hrs and then between 1635hrs – 1700hrs (1530hrs -1600hrs on Wednesdays and Fridays). Our own security staff will continue to be stationed in their usual places.

The addition of a police officer is the result of a generous offer from our local police station and reflects best practice in other schools across the city. I would like to extend my thanks to them on behalf of our entire Wellington community.


Duke of York’s Room

1400hrs – 1500hrs, Thursday

5th December


This week’s Meet the Master slot is open to parents of pupils in Years 12 and 13. If you would like to attend, please confirm via email with Ms Emma Shi

( by Wednesday 4th December.


Common Room

0900hrs – 1015hrs, Wednesday

4th December


Every other Wednesday morning from 0900hrs-1015hrs, parents will have the chance to engage with the school in sessions that cover all aspects of your child’s education, from the Early Years to A-Levels and university admissions. For this week’s meeting, Mr Toby Roundell, the Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead, will look at why life-long skills such as Creativity, Communication, and Leadership matter, how we teach them at school and how they help us connect with each other and with our world. It starts at 0900hrs in the Common Room.


Winter Book Fair

Black Box Foyer

5th – 6th December


On 5th and 6th December, we will once again host our annual Winter Book Fair. Our guest, one of the biggest foreign language bookstores in Beijing, will offer a wide range of books (English and Chinese).

Reading in the 21st century

At Wellington College, we are helping our students to become independent learners. To be able to succeed they need skills, such as writing, critical thinking, scientific reasoning, or multi-cultural awareness. But reading is still the most critical 21st century skill.

Encouraging children to read at a young age is equipping them with tools needed for their future success. Reading offers children many benefits: knowledge about different topics, vocabulary expansion; enhancing the imagination and empathy; memory improvement, strengthening writing abilities. As readers language skills improve, they are not only capable of understanding complex texts but capable of producing more sophisticated writing.

But reading is also a perfect way to discover more about the world, about ourselves and as a way of relaxing. Long winter evenings offer us a perfect opportunity to enjoy reading.

Parents, students, teachers and all guests are welcome to visit our Winter Book Fair and choose their perfect book for the Christmas break.


Lost and found


After a thorough cleaning of the lockers, an amount of clothing and shoes has been found and these have not yet been claimed. If your child has lost item(s) of clothing or shoes, there is an opportunity to claim those items back. An email with photos of the items will be sent to all parents in the next few days. Please contact Ms Lily Lian

( if you would like to retrieve any items from the photos. Also, note that all items, if not claimed, will be disposed of after 18th December.


EPQ Parent Briefing

Common Room

1700hrs – 1730hrs, Monday

2nd December


This session will be an invaluable opportunity for parents to find out more about our new EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) course and to better understand the work that your child is undertaking. There will also be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

Please email if you need any further information or have any queries. We look forward to seeing you there.


Winter Prom

Saturday, 7th December


The student council team is happy to announce that we are going to have another Winter Prom this year. It is on 7th December, hosted by the Tianjin Shangri-La hotel. Ticket prices this year are similar to last year, despite the increased quality compared to previous years – 150RMB per person for Wellington students, and 250RMB for a Wellington student and their partner from outside the school. This event is open to all pupils from Years 10 to 13. The purpose of hosting such an event is to give students a little reward for their hard work since the summer holiday. We truly wish students to make happy memories in 2019 Winter Prom!



Monday 02 December 2019

All Day

Week 15 (A)


8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: French class (LL) (MB 125)


11:00AM – 12:00PM

Senior School assembly (JMS) (Theatre)


5:00PM – 5:30PM

EPQ Parent briefing (LC) (Common Room)


Tuesday 03 December 2019

All Day

IoL Workshops (to 13th) (AH)


8:30AM – 9:30AM

FOW: English class (beginner level) (MB 234)


8:30AM – 12:00PM

Nest open morning: Reception and Year 1 (DZ) (The Nest)


8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: Pilates (LL) (Black Box)


10:15AM – 11:15AM

FOW: Mandarin class (LL) (MB 113)


1:00PM – 2:00PM

FOW: How to use Chinese daily life apps (LL) (MB 113)



ISCOT League MS Boys and Girls Volleyball vs TIS; Boys (h), Girls @ TIS (RG) (Sports Centre)


Wednesday 04 December 2019

8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: Yoga class (LL) (Black Box)


9:00AM – 10:15AM

Parent briefing: How Wellington teaches life-long skills (TR) (Common Room)


3:05PM – 3:45PM

Junior School assembly (RA) (Theatre)



HS Boys and Girls Basketball vs MLIS (a) (RG)


Thursday 05 December 2019

All Day

Winter Book Fair (to 6th) (JP) (Black Box Foyer)


9:00AM – 10:30PM

Junior School open morning (RA) (Main Building)


9:00AM – 10:30AM

FOW: TCM class (LL)


10:45AM – 12:00PM

FOW: Yoga class (LL) (Black Box)


2:00PM – 3:00PM

Meet the Master: Years 12-13 (ES) (Main Building)


Friday 06 December 2019

All Day

House film competition (DP)


8:30AM – 11:00AM

FOW: Art class (LL)


8:45AM – 10:00AM

FOW: Pilates (LL) (Black Box)


Saturday 07 December 2019


College Board SAT examination (JMS) (Main Building)


8:00AM – 6:00PM

Tianjin Spelling Bee (to 8th) (YY)



Saturday Activity Programme (SAP) (EvK)



Winter Prom (MR) (Tianjin Shangri-La Hotel)