The Blucher

At the heart of everything we do in the Blucher is the wellbeing of the student. We make sure that all students are flourishing in the Wellington environment and taking the most out of the incredible array of opportunities that are on offer. We also look to develop our students in a wider way than subject specific lessons. In the Blucher we hope to develop the eight attributes of the school and focus on ideas of self-improvement, moral discipline and effort.

This year we see many changes to the Blucher house, a new Housemistress, new head of house, new tutors and plenty of new students. We are very pleased that there is still a strong group of original Blucher members who can show the new people what it means to be from this unique House. With this mix of new ideas and energy and the strong core of house members, the Blucher house will definitely be an exciting and interesting place to be, offering companionship, support and encouragement to all.

The Blucher has a strong team of tutors who each take charge of different year groups within the house. This allows us to focus on issues and opportunities that are arising for students as they develop through the school. Ms Tannis, takes charge of Year 13 and Chinese Sixth Form 3; seeing our graduating students safely through to University. Mrs Sabio takes charge of Year 12 and Chinese Sixth Form 2 helping them make decisions about where and what to study in the future. Mr Griffiths is once again in charge of Year 11 and Chinese Sixth Form 1; guiding them through course selections for A-level and IB. Mr Moran moves up with Year 10 to continue the bond he has developed over the past two years. Dr. Howe takes charge of Year 9, supporting these pupils in their final year of KS3 and helping them make course selections for iGCSE. Ms Ying, a new member of staff in the Blucher, takes charge of Year 8 and Mrs Edgley, the new Housemistress, takes charge of welcoming the Year 7 pupils into the senior school and helping them settle in.

Last year the Blucher house celebrated its second victory of the House Cup in the school’s history. Our strong leadership from the Blucher student council members and strong ability in sport, academic subjects, arts, music and our social activities leave us all confident that we will proudly defend our victory in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Stephanie Edgley
Blucher Housemistress

The Blucher house is named after Marshall Gebhard Blücher (1742 – 1819), Commander of the Prussian Army. Hailing from Prussia he served first in the Swedish cavalry then later with the Prussians as a Hussar officer and a very intrepid one by all accounts. He was promoted to the rank of General Field Marshal in Germany and was a key officer in fighting back the French forces entering France in April 1814. Blücher led the Prussians to defeat at Ligny on June 16th 1815 and was crucial to prevent the French out-flanking the Allied force at Waterloo. He was lucky to have able chiefs of staff as, by all accounts; he was not a naturally gifted strategist. What he was, was extremely eccentric, if not mad!