The Anglesey

This is the second year of the Anglesey in Wellington International College Tianjin. Our enthusiastic and caring staff will provide a healthy environment for all students. We want our pupils to be confident in expressing their views and able to listen and care for each other. The Anglesey room is a welcoming area for students where they can express themselves, work together and excel as individuals. Our main goal is to practice tolerance and mutual respect in everyday life.

We are lucky to have an excellent staff body within the Anglesey. The tutors will support and guide their tutees throughout the year. In Year 7 and 8 Ms. Madeline Churchill gives an artistic flavour to the house. Ms.Tracy Xu, is an EAL teacher who is there to help out with language learning and to tutor Year 9. Mr. David Agoha, the Head of Science is a Year 10 tutor, who will provide support to our new IGCSE students; while Ms. Tina Wei, a Mandarin teacher, is there to make Year 11 well-organized and successful for our students. Mr. Eamonn Williams is a Year 12 tutor, the Head of Maths, therefore the right person to help with difficult maths problems. Our students who are in their final year will be tutored by Mr. Paul Findlay, the Head of EAL who will be an amazing support for their personal statements, exam preparation, and anything else our future graduates might find challenging. House mistress is Ms. Maja Rogic, a Maths teacher and Charity coordinator, who will be encouraging all the members of the Anglesey to be the best possible versions of themselves. With a team of teachers from a wide range of faculties, the Anglesey House is set to have a colourful, engaging and educational year ahead.

Mei Wen Chen will be our Head of House this year. She is a strong, supportive and dedicated leader for the Anglesey, willing to listen and always happy to help. Mei Wen will share her ideas with the student council team, which also includes Nicole Choi for KS3, Ally Choi representing KS4 and Daniela Ley Reyes in KS5. This excellent group of students will provide encouragement, advice and, of course, an element of fun to the Anglesey leadership team.

The Anglesey House ran its first assembly for this academic year. We sent a clear message and we will work hard to make it true – Respect Yourself, Your parents, Your School, Our Earth, Dreams, Your Friends… Respect Everyone!