“Jungle trekking in the local rainforests was an overwhelming experience that taught everyone the diversity, unpredictability and mysteriousness of the indigenous landscape. There was an unforgettable part where the students made a difference by doing service activities in the local environments, where we learned that true happiness lies in the process of helping other. It is through the process of encountering new challenges and trying to overcome them that the students learned the importance of adaptation skills in life.”

Celia, Year 12 

Trips and Exchanges

Exchanges and School Trips

Wellington is an outward looking and ambitious school, and offers a range of trips that reflect this. All pupils have the opportunity to join at least two residential trips each year as our young people engage with Wellington and the world.

First and foremost, our partnership with the Wellington College in the UK allows us to offer unrivalled opportunities for our pupils to take part in a programme of trips and exchanges. There are annual opportunities for our pupils to travel to Wellington College or its Junior School, Eagle House, to work on collaborative projects and explore the UK, and we have also developed a training programme for teachers to spend time exchanging expertise across the group of schools. Other links exist with our schools in China and those developing in other countries across the world.

Exciting trips are also an important part of our provision. These can be to far-flung parts of the world (Europe and the USA, for example, have been recent destinations), or closer to home, with recent regional visits to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and, of course, within China itself. The majority of such trips involve academic projects, such as the World Scholar’s Cup, MUN or the Global Social Leaders’ programme, but we also send sports’ teams across the region, and we run a hugely successful annual sailing trip to Beidaihe.





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