“My time at Wellington College has been filled with a variety of performance opportunities, including singing, acting and performing as a solo pianist. The music lessons have deepened my knowledge of the subject, allowing me to appreciate it more. I have performed on the stage on many different occasions, including in the school musicals, during the assemblies, and in the various drama productions. My teachers continuously encourage me to perform regularly, and although it was challenging when I first started, I have now learned to value the opportunities to give the audience the miraculous gift of music. I feel I am now a much more confident performer.”

Crystal , Year 8


The positive benefits of music on a child’s education overall development are generally well recognized, and Professor Howard Gardner, who first proposed the theory of multiple intelligences upon which Wellington College’s Eight Aptitudes are based, identified musicality as a distinct area of human intelligence.

At Wellington College International Tianjin, pupils from pre-nursery to year 9 receive a specialist music lesson each week. Students study a range of musical topics and skills intended to excite their curiosity and develop their interest in music making. The weekly music lesson focuses on such areas as practical solo and ensemble performing, singing, musical literacy, history of music and general music appreciation.

Music is also offered as an IGCSE option subject in years 10 and 11 following the Cambridge International Examination syllabus. The department also offers Music at A Level and AS Level in years 12 and 13.

Individual instrumental tuition is available at an extra charge to suitable students upon request. Tuition on piano, flute, clarinet. Trumpet, drums, trombone and singing and can be arranged with Wellington  music staff and visiting instrumental teachers either during school time or out of school hours.

The music department has a very active and comprehensive programme of extra- curricular activities including string and wind ensembles, The Wellington chamber Orchestra, senior and junior choirs and an annual major musical theatre production .



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