Joining Wellington

“Located in the heart of the College lies the Admissions Department which looks after every aspect of the admission process across all age groups.

Whether it is a prospectus requests, the arrangement of a visit, assessment days, entrance examinations, scholarships and bursaries, or simply a question about day-to-day life at the College, the Admissions Department is the first port of call for all prospective parents.

Hopefully, you will find the answers to all your admissions questions within these pages but, if not, the staff in the Admissions Department would be delighted to help you.”

Peter Randall
Director of Admissions and Marketing

Joining Wellington

Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin, Sixth Form A-Level Programme is open to boys and girls aged between 15-18 years old. Weekly and flexi boarding are also available for Senior School pupils (ages 11-18). Places are allocated to applicants in order of registration, so it is advisable to register your child/ren as early as possible. Late entry into years studying for public examinations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All parents of prospective pupils are advised to make contact with the Admissions Office at the College. The Director of Admissions is responsible for all admissions into the College. He, or a member of the Admissions staff, is happy to meet all prospective parents to assess their needs and to advise them on the admissions procedure. Such a preliminary meeting is strongly advised for all prospective parents. The Admissions Office will ensure that you receive all the relevant information and documents to enable the admissions procedure to run as smoothly as possible. If you still have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office, at .

All prospective parents need to complete the Application Form, which constitutes the basis of their application to the College. This is available online or can be completed in person at the College. The Application Form and details of other documentation required can be found in the Admissions Policy and Documentation section on the website.

A member of the Admissions Office staff will be more than happy to explain the Application Form and the other information required, in addition to organising a preliminary visit to the College. Please see the Contact Us section for our contact details.

A digital version of our application form can be downloaded here.

All students enter the College at their appropriate year group level. Any exceptions will be made by the Master. The entry procedure varies depending on year group, as outlined below:

Senior School (15-17 Years old)

Entry into the Senior School involves tests in English and non-Verbal Reasoning, accompanied by an individual interview.

All offers of a place at the College are subject  to agreement by parents (and guardians where appropriate) to the  Wellington College Parent Contract, a copy of which is available from the Admissions Office and will be attached with the offer letter.

Wellington College is an inclusive school admitting children with a wide range of skills and abilities. A selection process is involved, though this process is made as comfortable as possible for all concerned. We approach the selection process with the firm belief that all pupils have got something to offer and so every chance is given to try to accommodate parents and pupils who obviously want to join us. All pupils at the College enter at their appropriate year group level. Any exceptions will be made by the Head Master.

Admission to the College is influenced by several factors. In our Sixth Form A-Level  section (ages 15-18), we admit pupils from all nationalities, this is in line with Chinese law. To ensure a balanced and diverse student body a limit is placed upon the number of pupils coming from a single country.

Our main teaching medium is English and all applicants will be assessed in this area. It is obviously important that pupils offered a place can succeed academically and socially in a school with the high academic and extra-curricular standards of Wellington. However, we also understand that some applicants might find the entrance tests a little daunting. This is where the student’s previous school reports and the interview are important in supplementing the test results.

The decision to offer a place to a student will be taken by the Admissions Committee. The intention is that the offer of a place will be made within 3 days of the entrance tests and interview. Wellington’s decision in offering a place is final.

Pupils may not attend the College until all aspects of the Admissions procedure have been carried out and all the relevant fees paid.

We expect all our parents to be fully supportive of the ethos and values of the College as a result all offers of a place are subject to agreement by parents, our Standard Terms and Conditions and Parent Contract, copies of which are available from the Admissions’ Office, and which will also be sent with the offer letter. A student cannot be admitted to the College or allowed to remain there unless living full-time with at least one parent or a legal guardian (unless boarding at the College). Any exceptions to this policy would have to be approved by the Wellington College Governing Body.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, Wellington College will place pupils in the correct year group by age. The allocation of a house or class is the decision of the College. We are happy to receive suggestions from parents regarding a particular house or class. However, parents should consider such requests based on the specific learning needs of the child rather than a preference for a housemaster/housemistress or classroom teacher. The College will listen to such requests but will not necessarily grant them, as house and class allocations will be based on several factors such as ability ranges, an effective mix of ethnicity, the proportion of native English speakers to second-language English pupils, and the ratio of boys to girls.

Siblings and Waiting Lists

Siblings of current pupils will take precedence over new applicants without any previous association with Wellington College. In the event that a student meets all the above admissions’ criteria but there is no space available, he or she will be placed on the year group waiting list. Priority on the waiting lists will again be given to siblings of pupils already in the College. The waiting lists are closed at the end of each academic year and parents need to re-apply if they wish to be considered for admission for the following year. A second Registration fee will not be required for entry in these circumstances.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Wellington is very conscious of the fact that the teaching medium in all subjects, except Mandarin and Modern Foreign Languages, is English, which for a significant number of our pupils will be their second language. Every effort is made to ensure our pupils reach the necessary standard of English proficiency for academic and social success at the school, and this is reflected in the resources, both human and material, directed at the EAL department. It may be that a student offered a place at the College is required to have extra English language support, on occasions as a condition of entry, and this will be provided by the EAL department. Pupils will come out of timetabled English classes for these lessons. If the need arises, this level of support can be increased.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Wellington College accepts pupils with mild learning difficulties on a case-by-case basis. The needs of each individual will be considered against current staffing levels and the available expertise and resources. In general terms pupils will be offered places if they are able to participate successfully in the regular class with a limited amount of support, usually not in excess of an average of one hour per day of individual and/or small group work.

Gifted and Talented Programme

The College believes that all pupils have strengths that must be nurtured and developed to their full potential, while recognising that some pupils have particular gifts and talents that require specialist support and encouragement. To fulfil this need, both the curriculum and the extra-curricular programme have been devised to provide gifted pupils with the widest possible opportunities to enhance their skills and talents. Further details can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

How to Apply

All prospective parents should complete the Application Form, which constitutes the basis of their application to the College. The Application Form can be found under Admissions on the school website. The form must be supported by the following documentation and payment:

  • Copy of the student’s passport, valid Chinese visa, or Chinese Identity Card (if Applicable)
  • Copy of the Parents Passports or Chinese Identity Card (if applicable) or of the legal guardian/s)
  • Two recently taken passport-size photographs of the student (a digital photograph is acceptable)
  • Copies of the pupil’s school reports for the past two years in English/Chinese or notarized if translated from another language
  • The non-refundable Application fee of 2,000RMB

You are welcome to send scanned copies electronically to

The Admissions Office will send an email confirmation to the parents upon receipt of the initial application material. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Admissions Office to ensure your materials have been received.

Upon receipt of all the above, the Admissions’ Office will arrange for the relevant testing and an interview, if this is deemed necessary. The intention is that the offer of a place will be made within a week of the assessment.

After the acceptance of a place at the College, parents must provide the following:

  • Medical Form (provided by the Admissions Office)
  • Signed acceptance of the College Terms and Conditions and Parent Contract
  • The applicable Tuition Fee payment

School Tours and Open Days

We are happy to show prospective parents and their children around the campus at any time during the school day, but it is advisable to book in advance. Each term, the College also holds at least one Open Day, when groups of prospective parents and their children can view classes in operation and be given presentations on various aspects of life, academic and non-academic, in both the Senior School and the Junior School. These Open Days also provide an opportunity to meet the Master, Second Master and the Head of Junior School. Presentations will be followed by a question-and-answer session.

Parental Feedback

The College has gone to great efforts to try to make the Admissions procedure into the school as straightforward and efficient as possible for all concerned. Nevertheless, we are always aware that we can improve and, for this reason, we do appreciate your feedback once the process is over. The Director of Admissions is available to discuss ways in which we can do better; we can assure you we will take very seriously your comments and act upon any shortcomings.



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