“Our school’s Art department offers lots of opportunities in different media and I have been able to work in everything from acrylic paint to linocut prints. Over the past two terms I have been concentrating on digital illustration using the Wacom graphics tablet which is something I hope to pursue as a career. With help from my Art teachers, it was not difficult to learn how to use the tablet and I have also been undertaking my own research to develop my skills.”

Creative Art

Exposure to the creative arts, and the chance to develop and strengthen creativity are real advantages of a Wellington education, with our Art and Design & Technology Departments at the very heart of the main building.

Art at Wellington is a creative and practical subject which demands visual intelligence, independent thinking and technical ability. Students are introduced to a wide range of media and techniques which include painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, digital media and textiles. During lessons at every stage, students practise the core skills of drawing and are introduced a range of artists through contextual study. Various practical workshops are incorporated into the lessons and students learn new skills which lead to ambitious final pieces made with teacher guidance. Gallery visits are always encouraged and there have been numerous Art department trips to Beijing’s 798 Art centre and longer trips abroad to Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Our key aim in the Art Department at Wellington is to teach everyone about visual creative expression, and in today’s digital world, studying Art has become an ideal stepping stone for careers in Architecture, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Fashion Design, Advertising, Film, Media, Game Design and Animation plus many, many more.



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