“I have been doing a wellbeing programme with the year eight students for four months as part of my transition to Senior School. I have a mentor helping me prepare for Year 7. We have been doing a lot of wellbeing activities together. Sometimes it is serious and sometimes we have a laugh.”

Daned, Year 6   

“This was important in helping us be more aware of the problems that teenagers in society face. This included depression and eating disorders. We were given challenges for a week to complete on our own to help us understand and learn more about the issues of wellbeing and good mental health.”

Marcos, Year 9

Wellbeing & Health


Wellington UK has a deserved reputation for its pioneering Wellbeing programme, which, together with the Wellington Aptitudes approach, is one of the distinctive strands of how we approach education. In close liaison with the Head of Wellbeing in the UK, who recently came to Tianjin to introduce the course to all our staff, we will be implementing elements of Wellbeing from August 2013.

Based firmly on the discipline of positive psychology, the purpose of the wellbeing program is to enable all students to flourish.  Flourishing involves living a life with purpose and aspiration, finding those things in life which imbue it with meaning, forging strong reciprocal relationships with others, engaging in life’s tasks to the best of one’s ability and having the strength of character to be resilient in the face of adversity.

The Wellbeing programme has six key strands: Physical Health / Positive Relationships / Perspective (building a psychological immune system) / Strengths / The World (how to live well within a consumer culture) / Meaning and Purpose.

We now offer an expanded counseling service, with a trained counselor available to pupils in the school three days a week.


In terms of pupil health, the school has a purpose-built medical centre, staffed by a fully-qualified nurse. The School nurse provides professional nursing care throughout the day and is equipped to deal with both sickness and physical injuries, such as those sustained on the sports field. In addition, we have a close relationship with Tianjin United Families hospital.

Children, who are taken ill at school, will be cared for until they are fit enough to return to class or their parents can be contacted and arrangements made for them to be collected and taken home. The nurse will also deal with minor ailments, e.g. headaches, during the morning and lunchtime breaks, and, should the need arise, arrange transfer to hospital.

It is essential for the school to have access to a child’s medical details in case he or she is taken ill or injured at school. Parents are asked to complete the Medical Form issued by the School and return it to the Medical Centre as a matter of urgency. This information should include all innoculations and details of vaccinations. If at any time parents wish to discuss the health needs of their child, they should contact the medical centre in the first instance.

At no time should a child be given medication to take in class or during breaks. Please give all of your child’s medication to the school nursing staff together with full written instructions.

If a child is sick is or has suffered from high temperature, fever or diarrhoea they should remain at home the following day and, to stop the spread of infection, must remain away from school until all symptoms are clear and medication is not required to control symptoms.



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