The Week Ahead 7 September 2018

This week sees the start of our After School Activity (ASA) programme for the new year. For the first time, all pupils across the school will have access to courses and activities designed to complement the all-round education that Wellington provides. We now offer three streams – academic, cultural and sporting – from which pupils must select at least two. In this way, the breadth of the provision for our young people is maintained, and pupils are encouraged to try new things. There are courses with a focus on professional presentations; MUN preparation; Chinese cultural experiences such as calligraphy and debating; and enhanced coaching programmes for footballers, athletes and swimmers. Drama is a strong thread, as are dance and music. New courses in engineering, Duke of Edinburgh Award and environmental causes are also available.

In addition, ASAs have been developed to offer a structured experience for the pupils, with courses designed to reach across the year. This allows teachers to plan sessions safe in the knowledge that the pupils enrolled on the ASA have made a lasting commitment to improve their skills and knowledge, but it also provides pupils with extended courses to really develop their expertise.

Wellington also runs a full Academy programme, organising courses across the week and on Saturdays. The Academy offers over 80 programmes covering English language development, sports, science, maths, music and art. The Academy is designed to build on the ASA and is therefore not a duplication of the programme; children can benefit from a whole range of Academy courses which seek to challenge both the most able as well as the novice.

One of the features of a Wellington education is the emphasis on educating children for a life beyond education, to give them the skills, wider interest and self-confidence to embrace new ways of enriching their lives. Programmes such as the ASA and Academy provide an invaluable chance for children to find out more about themselves and the world around them.

Julian Jeffrey


PHOTOGRAPHY IN SCHOOL – A reminder for parents and visitors

The College places the security of your child at the heart of all that we do, and this level of safeguarding extends to our online presence. Parents and visitors are therefore reminded that photographing or videoing children other than their own is not permitted. Equally, posting such images of other children on social media sites is prohibited; all images taken in school by parents and visitors should abide by these two simple steps in keeping children safe from harm.

Further guidance can be obtained from the Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Jonathan Lewis:


School Uniforms

The replenishment and winter uniforms will arrive in school by mid-September. From Monday 17th September, parents can go to the uniform shop to purchase uniforms. The swim wear items have already arrived; if your child has a swimming lesson, please come to the uniform shop to purchase the clothing. For any related question, please feel free to email me at


Senior School Parents’ Evening: Year 7 Open House



Tuesday 11th September

Parents’ evening for parents of pupils in Year 7 will be held on Tuesday 11th September from 1700hrs to 1830hrs. Pastoral care at Wellington plays a crucial role in developing every child to his or her full potential, but it is often a part of school that is unfamiliar to many parents. If you would like to meet your child’s tutor and Housemaster, please use this opportunity to do so. The meeting point is in the Atrium at 1700hrs where, after introductions to our senior teachers, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about the House system, have a tour around your child’s House and talk to her/his tutor and Housemaster or Housemistress.


Common Room


Wednesday 12th September

Every Wednesday morning from 0900hrs, parents will have the chance to engage with the school in sessions that cover all aspects of your child’s education, from the Early Years to A Levels and university admissions. The venue will vary according to the anticipated audience, and for next week’s meeting, Mr Peter Randall, Director of Admissions and Marketing, will be in the Common Room to introduce the opportunities for parents in our new FOW – the Friends of Wellington.

In recent years, the levels of parental engagement with the school have grown significantly. Part of this process was the success of the WCA in encouraging parents to come in to school and participate in a range of activities ranging from exercise classes to learning languages, parenting advice and traditional Chinese medicine. The WCA has now been rebranded as the Friends of Wellington (FOW) but its goal remains the same – to foster a genuine community spirit among our families. The FOW is not limited to existing parents, though; we welcome all supporters of Wellington in Tianjin to join the FOW.

Mr Peter Randall will be introducing the classes and courses available this term at the briefing in the Common Room on Wednesday; please do come along to find out more.



Common Room


Thursday 13th September

We have a special session of the Meet the Master series. Instead of the usual format, there will be a parent briefing on Thursday 13th September at 1400hrs in the Common Room. Mrs Sabio will lead a session on Bridge U and provide general information on university applications and how to prepare your children for university. Parents of children in all year groups are welcome to attend and there will be refreshments available. Please confirm via email with Ms. Emma Shi( by Wednesday 12th September.


Year 12 Parents’ Evening: University Applications and Summer Schools

Black Box


Thursday 13th September

There will be a parents’ briefing for all Year 12 parents on Thursday 13th September from 1800hrs in the Black Box. The university team will be there to update you on what your son/daughter should be doing at the moment regarding university applications and we will be answering questions you have regarding the process. We will also be talking to you about planning for places in summer schools for 2019. Please do come along and have a chat with us; pupils are very welcome to join. Refreshments will be available.


Year 13 Art Workshop


Tuesday 11th September

There will be a specialist workshop for Year 13 Art students on Tuesday 11th September from 1505hrs to 1645hrs in the Art department. All students involved should excuse themselves from their ASA and prep sessions that day and meet in room 323 straight after Period 5. More details will be given in class.


Roald Dahl Day

Thursday 13th September

Roald Dahl day on Thursday 13th September is fast approaching again and “Roald Dahlians” the world over with be celebrating this unique author’s amazing contribution to children’s literature. The Junior School invite all our children to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character from the myriad of fantastical stories that Dahl wrote from his famous writing shed in Great Missenden, about 30 miles from Wellington College in the UK. With all Literacy lessons focusing on Roald Dahl’s writing and special activities in the Library, the children will be able to experience Dahl’s mystical and magical world over the whole day.