The Blucher



At the heart of everything we do in the Blucher lies the wellbeing of the Pupil. We make sure that all students are flourishing in the Wellington environment and making the most of the incredible array of opportunities that are on offer. Pupils in the Blucher House are characterized by their real sense of community, commitment and their embodiment of the Wellington values that help them to achieve a greater sense of belonging, improve their self-esteem and enjoy their time in school.

Brave, understanding, enthusiastic, creative and hardworking – these are only some of the qualities to describe Blucher students; qualities which have helped us build a powerful team and group of good friends.

The Blucher house is named after Marshall Gebhard Blücher (1742 – 1819), Commander of the Prussian Army. Hailing from Prussia he served first in the Swedish cavalry then later with the Prussians as a Hussar officer and a very intrepid one by all accounts. He was promoted to the rank of General Field Marshal in Germany and was a key officer in fighting back the French forces entering France in April 1814. Blücher led the Prussians to defeat at Ligny on June 16th 1815 and was crucial to prevent the French out-flanking the Allied force at Waterloo. He was lucky to have able chiefs of staff as, by all accounts; he was not a naturally gifted strategist. What he was, was extremely eccentric, if not mad!