Boarders’ Testimony


BOARDERS TESTIMONY“Boarding is one of the greatest parts of my life. We do homework every day by ourselves for 1.5 hours in prep time. We also have extra academic time, which we can use to learn musical instruments or just study some English. If we have any questions, our housemasters, who are both Senior School teachers, can answer almost anything. If we do not finish our homework in prep time, we can still do it in our free time. We all work hard, but we are allowed some free time. Older pupils can use their free time to go out to the shops in pairs twice a week, and though we are not allowed to play computer games, we have a large social room in the basement where we can play pool, table football, table tennis; there is also a running machine and a huge television. The bedrooms are very comfortable and make it feel like home. Young pupils have to go to sleep earlier, elder pupils can sleep later. Our bedding and school clothes can be washed by the laundry, which we receive back on Sundays. The food is healthy, I especially enjoy supper.”


BOARDERS TESTIMONY“The Boarding House at Wellington is like a warm family rather than merely a place in which we are provided to live. Though I was alone in Tianjin, I was not lonely accompanied by my lovely supervisors who understand me and always give me useful suggestions from a different perspective. One of the happiest times I’ve ever experienced is when my roommates and I sit together, discussing different topics and enjoying the wonderful boarding life at Wellington.

We all really enjoy the colourful after-school activities in boarding house which include: ice skating, eating ice cream, visiting the famous food street, and going to the cinema. The basement is the place where we spend most of our spare time. We enjoy having table tennis and table football competitions and just relaxing from our studies by sitting down and watching English videos.

As a boarder who has experienced Boarding House life at Wellington for almost a whole year, I find it a place which leads us to grow and be independent in a practical way. Living in the Boarding House, allows us to become more responsible, have courage to face up problems and learn more about how to cope well with others. The boarding life in Wellington is a surely a fantastic place to study and live in.”