The Academy Programme provides a range of cultural, sporting and artistic activities now on offer to all students, their parents, families and friends throughout the Wellington community.

Academy Programme

The Wellington Academy Programme seeks to provide pupils an outstanding opportunity to learn, develop and play in a way that promotes the Wellington College identity and values. Wellington Academy participants have access to world-class facilities at Wellington College in Tianjin.

Dear Pupils and Parents

I hope you all enjoyed the courses we offered during the Lent 2018 term. During this term we newly introduced courses like Science, Mathematics with a lot Wellingtonian elements and/or original content. For the upcoming Summer 2018 term we will further build on the success of those courses and freshly start new initiatives for the Wellington and Tianjin community, like Rugby, Journalism, Drum Percussion, Debating and many more.

I am proud to offer you the registration form for our upcoming Summer Term 2018 Academy Programme schedule.

Together with the help of many highly skilled Wellington teachers and professional service providers in Tianjin, we have created a comprehensive and dynamic programme of activities. The Academy Programme provides a range of language, cultural, sporting and artistic activities for all our students, their parents, family and friends across our Wellington community.

The almost 80 activities are taught by international and national champions, industry professionals and Wellington staff. Designed with the individual and family in mind, we offer a genuine community experience, and participants will have the chance to try everything from English/Spanish language training to Journalism and Rugby. You can become an expert in Calligraphy, or learn to hit a tennis ball like Roger Federer, dance around with ballet or modern dance classes, drum during a percussion session and sing in a choir.


Activity Programme Manager,
Eelco van Kuilenburg

For any inquiries and/or to sign up, please contact Eelco van Kuilenburg
on 186 2291 2362 (also WeChat)
or Viola Guo on 189 2076 9216