Charity Sleepover

On Friday the 20th September, Wellington staff and students alike gathered together to raise money for charity. Fifty pupils from across the senior school, two teachers and our intern student (Ally Choi) gave up the comfort of their beds by spending the entire night at school.

Kahoot quizzes, charades, Taboo, dodgeball, guess the song and ‘chubby bunnies’ are examples of the activities which ran throughout the evening, all brilliantly organised by year 11 student, Nicole Choi. These activities were all very popular with the students; many of whom commented that this was ‘the best sleepover ever!’ A huge thanks must also go to the Scout team and Mr Hart who provided hot-dogs for a tasty, evening snack. We really appreciate the donation they made to the charity from their food sales.

Overall, we are hugely proud to announce that we will donate 2960 RMB to this great cause!

We also all learnt a valuable lesson in how important it is to help those in need and realised just how lucky we all are to have such comfortable and safe homes. A big thank you goes to the students who took part and the staff, friends and family who supported such a worthwhile cause.

We all had lots of fun and we hope to have even more students join us next year!