Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees 2017-18

Fee Schedule

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(All fees are quoted in RMB currency)

Application fee: 2,000

The application fee is a ‘one time only’ fee for new pupils, and is non-refundable. The fee is payable upon application to the College.

Resource Fee: 18,000

The Resource Fee is a one–time fee and is a refundable, non-interest bearing fee. The College will hold the Resource Fee for the duration of the pupil’s time at the College. The Resource Fee will be returned to the original payee in accordance with the Withdrawal and Refund Policies and Procedures.

Tuition Fee Early Bird
Annual Fee

Paid before
May 31st, 2017
Annual Fee
 Term 1 
 Term 2 
 Term 3 
Year 2 232, 600 236, 200 95, 920 71, 940 71, 940
Year 3-Year 6 241, 700 245, 500 99,680 74, 760 74, 760
Year 7-Year 9 251, 700 255, 600 103, 800 77, 850 77, 850
Year 10 255, 100 259, 100 105, 200 78, 900 78, 900
Year 11 255, 100 259, 100 105, 200 78, 900 78, 900
Year 12 255, 100 259, 100 105, 200 78, 900 78, 900
Year 13 262, 600 266, 600 108, 280 81, 210 81, 210

For Early Years’ Programme tuition fee (Eaglets), please click here.

For Early Years’ Programme tuition fee (Nursery, Reception, Year1), please click here.


  • The fees cover day-to-day tuition, the use of text and library books plus basic stationery and general educational materials.
  • The fee also covers sports, physical education and some extra-curricular activities.
  • There may be an extra charge for occasional, specialist and individual activities, such as field trips and educational visits.
  • The Tuition Fee does not include the costs of College lunches, uniform, school bus service and the individual music instrument programme.


Boarding Fees

Weekly Annual  Term 1 
 Term 2 
 Term 3 
Full Boarding 99,000 40, 840 30, 630 30, 630
Weekly boarding 3,000 75, 900 31, 280 23, 460 23, 460

Payment Terms

The Tuition fees can be paid annually or by term.

  • Term 1 (Michaelmas Term) or Annual Fee must be paid no later than June 23rd, 2017.
  • Term 2 (Lent Term) Fee must be paid no later than Dec 15th, 2017.
  • Term 3 (Summer Term) Fee must be paid no later than Mar 30th, 2018.


For mid-year applications, the Tuition Fee will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis. Irrespective of whether the parent/guardian or employer pays the fee, the parent/guardian shall assume full responsibility for the payment of fees in accordance with the Fee Schedule. Any subsequent outstanding fees must be settled before leaving the College.

Early Payment Incentives

1) Early Bird Annual payment

Fees paid annually before May 31st 2017 will enjoy a discount rate of approximately 3% as shown in the Tuition Fee Table


2) Annual Payment

Fees paid annually after May 31st but before June 23rd 2017 will enjoy a discount rate of approximately1.5% as shown in the Tuition Fee Table.

Early Payment Incentives are based upon Annual Tuition Fees only (excluding other College fees). Payment must be received and acknowledged by the bank on or before the dates stipulated to receive the discounted rate.

Sibling Discount

Families with 3 or more children enrolled in full day programmes are entitled to a sibling discount of 5% for the third child and 10% for the fourth. The sibling discount will be applied to the lower year levels first.

Late Payment of Tuition Fees

The Master reserves the right to suspend pupils whose tuition or boarding fees, if relevant, are not paid by the due date or before the first day of each term.

A 2% penalty per month will be applied to any overdue payments from the due date of each term.

College Lunch

Lunch is provided by an outside catering company. Charges will be processed under a separate payment method between the parent/guardian and the catering company. The cost of lunch is not included in the Tuition Fees.

Catering hotline: (86) 022 8758 7199
Contact email:

College Bus Service

Annual  Term 1 
 Term 2 
 Term 3 
Bus Fee 11, 600 4, 800 3, 600 3, 600
Bus Fee One Way 7, 000 2, 880 2, 160 2, 160

The College bus service is optional. A detailed list of routes can be obtained from the Admissions Office.

College Uniform

The College uniform is not included in the College tuition fees and is charged separately at the uniform store. Uniforms can be purchased in a package ranging from 2100RMB-2400RMB per full set. Items can also be purchased separately throughout the year.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made to the College bank account via bank transfer using RMB, US$ or cheque in RMB. Cash payments must be made in RMB. For bank transfer, please note the student’s name and year group in the remark area. If payments are made in US$, conversion to RMB will be based on the exchange rate provided by the College at the time of payment. Bank charges are borne by the payer.

As there is an additional charge on card usage; card payments are not recommended but are available if needed at the College Finance Office. The College will apply a 3% surcharge per transaction for foreign issued cards.

The College bank account details are as follows:

Bank Account Information; RMB Payment USD Payment
Beneficiary: 天津惠灵顿国际学校 Wellington College International Tianjin
Account #: 7713 0154 9000 00042 7713 1454 9000 00017
Swift Code: SPDBCNSH080
Note: Please note student’s name and year group Please note student’s name and year group

Click here to download Fee Schedule and Withdrawal and Refund Policies

Procedures for Withdrawal by the Parent / Guardian

If a parent/guardian desires to withdraw a child for any reason from the College, that parent/guardian shall deliver the completed Withdrawal Application Form to the Master’s Office in advance of the desired withdrawal date. The Withdrawal Application Form can be collected from the Master’s Office. If a written Withdrawal Application Form is delivered to the Master’s Office during a College holiday, it will be deemed received by the College on the first day in session following the holiday. Fee refunds will only be granted after receipt of the Withdrawal Application Form. For a Withdrawal Application Form, Please contact the Master’s Office at:

Refunds Policies

Placement Deposit and Tuition Fees

The College plans and commits in advance financial resources based on continued enrolment at the College for its pupils; these commitments include staffing, classroom set-up and related purchases. Therefore, should a parent/guardian decide to terminate their child’s study at the College, there would be a direct and indirect financial impact to the College. It is essential for the College be compensated for the early termination of the Enrolment Contract between the College and the parent/guardian. The amount of compensation for early termination required by the College may vary, depending on the time of year when the student withdraws, as well as when the Withdrawal Application Form is submitted to the College, as indicated in the following tables.

Resource Fee: RMB18,000

The resource fee is a supplementary fee payable on acceptance to the College to support the initial investment of educational resources. The resource fee for 2017–18 is RMB 18,000.

This fee is held by the College to ensure that College property including: books, reference materials, IT equipment, science equipment and other academic and co-curricular resources are duly returned to the College in satisfactory condition.

The resource fee will be refunded to parents/guardians after the return of College property and deduction of any reimbursement due to damage to the College property, and deduction of any outstanding tuition, bus, catering, or other fees payable to the College.

A properly submitted Withdrawal Form and completed pupil checkout Form are required before refund can be made.

Tuition fee and School bus fee refund

For annual payers who have taken advantage of either the early bird or annual payment discount but subsequently leave the school within the school year, the full incentive amount will be discontinued and payment will be charged at the normal fee rates.

Tuition Fee Refund schedule

Applicable Semester Actual Withdrawal Date Refund Condition
Term 1
Michaelmas Term 2017-18
Before Term Commences 100% Refund
On or Before October 19th 2017 50% Refund
Starting October 20th 2017 No Refund
Term 2
Lent Term 2017-18
Before Term Commences 100% Refund
On or Before February 9th 2018 50% Refund
Starting February 10th 2018 No Refund
Term 3
Summer Term 2017-18
Before Term Commences 100% Refund
On or Before May 15th 2018 50% Refund
Starting May 16th 2018 No Refund

Receipt and/or Fapiao return

In order to ensure that the Resource Fee is returned to the proper party, the official receipt issued by the College when the Resource Fee was first paid, must be returned to the College before the Resource Fee can be refunded.

The College will issue official tax receipts (fapiao) for all College fee payments . Please contact the Finance Office to receive your fapiao after the fee has been paid. For any refund on College fees, the original fapiao must be returned back to the College. Failure to do so will result in additional tax charges being levied per government requirements.

Temporary Leave

For temporary pupil leave, the parent/guardian should seek approval from the Master’s Office in advance, through a formal written letter stating the reasons for the leave and a scheduled date of return to resume enrolment. There will be no refund of the Tuition Fees for a pupil on leave. In the event that a pupil does not resume enrolment on the scheduled date nor send notification to the College for an extension, such a student will be considered withdrawn, even if the parent/guardian continues to pay the required tuition or other fees.

School Lunch Fees refund

Any request for refunds with respect to College Lunch Fees should be made directly to the food service provider responsible for operating the College’s cafeteria.

Please note: Any refund or release of College records is dependent upon satisfactory completion of withdrawal procedures, the return of all College property and the clearance of accounts with the College Finance Office.