Wellington College firmly believes that every talented child should be able to receive a College education and all the many benefits and opportunities that come with it. To ensure that the most talented children come to the College and that tuition fees are no obstacle to receiving such an education, we have introduced the Wellington Scholarship and Bursary Programme.

Scholarships / Bursaries


2019 External Scholarship Programme

This year the College will offer a range of external scholarships for prospective students joining our IGCSE and A level programmes for the 2019/20 academic year.


All external candidates are welcome to apply and will be awarded scholarships based upon their academic prowess, potential, commitment and values. Elite athletes and musicians are also invited to apply for a special range of awards for those with particular talents. The candidate must apply for enrollment at the College to be eligible for the Scholarship Programme.


If successful, awards of between 10%-100% of the tuition fees will be made by the Scholarship panel . These will be subject to an annual review, but under normal circumstances, the award is valid for the duration of the candidate’s time in school.

The College offers a range of scholarship awards for Senior School pupils for excellence in music, sport, and academic achievement each year. Pupils must have shown outstanding achievements in these areas overall.


Current pupils of the College are eligible to apply and are available to all Year 7-13 pupils who have shown an enduring dedication and academic commitment to the College.

Scholarship Awards: The value of each scholarship will be dependent on the application, assessment and interview by the Scholarship panel. Awards can be in the form of a reduction of the annual tuition fees or a non-monetary award. All successful applicants will be entitled to call themselves Scholars of Wellington College International Tianjin.

Pupils should visit the College Office to obtain all necessary scholarship application forms.

Evaluations will commence in May 2018

Deadline for Applications: Sunday May 5th 2019
Interview for Candidates: Sunday May 19th 2019

Wellington College in Tianjin is delighted to be able to award a number of awards to students who have shown exceptional talent in a particular athletic or sporting discipline. This is the first such programme in an international school in Tianjin and represents a major commitment to building the finest elite performance programme of its kind in northern China. Elite performance scholars will be eligible for a potential tuition fee remission of 100%, as well as a bespoke academic programme built around their training and competition demands. In this way, Wellington seeks to support ambitious young people from China with a proven record of academic ability, coupled with exceptional sporting / athletic potential, by providing access to the finest academic and sporting facilities as preparation for their application to top US college and universities.


Applicants should have reached, as a minimum expectation, national top 10 performance levels, but international-class elite performers will have a distinct advantage in the application process. For 2019/20, the sports available for consideration for the scholarship are golf, tennis and equestrianism. Performance levels will need to be supported by documentary evidence for an award to be considered.

Applicants to the College can enter the A Level Induction Year from 15 years of age, as long as they have satisfied the academic demands of the Admissions’ process. A student’s eligibility for an award will thus depend on both genuine sporting / athletic excellence and a proven ability to complete our academic programmes satisfactorily. A strong English language proficiency is required.

Applications younger students, aiming for future awarding cycles, will be considered by the Admissions’ team, on an individual basis.


The scholarship awards’ body, a school committee, has the ability to offer discretionary scholarship awards up to a maximum of 100% of the tuition fees.

Scholarships are reviewed on annual basis, based on the anticipated progress made by an individual in their chosen sport and academic performance in school. Students failing to maintain their ranking in terms of national / international performance, or those who are deemed to have fallen short in the academic work will have the award reduced or removed at the discretion of the awarding committee.

The Programme

Scholars are expected to perform to a similar level to their peers in class, but they will be given individual timetables based around their training and competition needs. In addition, each scholar will have a tutor assigned to support their learning and wellbeing. The tutor will provide feedback to parents and the school on the progress made by the student, facilitating communication between home and school. Boarding accommodation and access to extra English language programmes will be available.

How to Apply

New student candidates should first complete the scholarship enquiry form to obtain the necessary College and scholarship application forms from the Admissions Office.

Application Submission: 16th March 2019.
Assessments and Interviews:  Sat 23rd March 2019

Application Submission: 11th May 2019.
Assessments and Interviews:  Sat 18th May 2019

For further details, please contact:

(+86-22) 8758-7199 Ext 6027
(+86) 136-4200-4609


A series of bursaries are available for applicants to the College, including those who also apply for the various scholarships. Bursaries are awarded where there is an obvious need to supplement the tuition fees for the particular year group. All applications are means-tested. Applying for a Bursary can be, but need not be, a daunting process, so we have set out for you answers to our most frequently asked questions, by clicking on the link below.

A Bursary is simply the name we give to an award which reduces the cost to you of sending your child to the College in Tianjin. Bursaries are awarded purely on the basis of financial need.
While the award of a College Scholarship represents a tuition fee discount, it is also seen as a significant achievement by staff and students alike, and additional privileges and responsibilities are afforded to the recipients.
Bursaries are open to anybody whose child is offered a place or a Scholarship at the College, and who can demonstrate that the tuition fees are more than they can afford. However, there is a limited Bursary fund and it is therefore best to apply as early as possible.
The principal difference between the two is that a Scholarship is awarded based on your child demonstrating excellence in a particular area of College life. A Bursary is simply linked to the ability to pay and, while reviewed annually, will seek to mirror changes in a parent’s financial position.
A Bursary is means-tested to ensure that children who are keen to come to the College and are committed to learning, are not excluded simply because their parents cannot afford the tuition fees.
The College calculates the level of assistance it can offer, but it would be normal for parents to do their own calculations as well. Assuming we both work from the same information and bearing in mind a basic test of affordability, it is unlikely we will come up with calculations which differ significantly.
Bursary awards are confidential and no one knows who is in receipt of a Bursary, unless the parents have chosen to share that information with the child.