Wellington year 11 pupils achieve high IGCSE marks in 2020

As we prepare for the new academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our pupils’ accomplishments from the previous academic year. We have received the results from the 2019-20 IGCSE examinations, and I am pleased to announce that our year 11 pupils have earned some truly impressive grades.

83% of pupils achieved A*/A (9-7) with 53% of all grades being A*

  • 5 pupils achieved 10 A*/9 grades
  • 12 pupils achieved 8 or more A*/9 grades
  • One third of all pupils achieved 10 or more A*/A or 9-7 grades
  • Two thirds of all pupils achieved 8 or more A*/A or 9-7 grades

In the follow subjects all grades were A* or A (9-7): Chinese First Language, Computer Science, English Second Language, French, Mandarin Foreign Language, Music and Spanish.


It goes without saying that the latter half of the 2019-20 academic year presented some unique challenges for our pupils. Pupils persisted and ultimately achieved outstanding results, entirely in keeping with one of Wellington’s most celebrated qualities: resilience.

Our IGCSE results come to us not long after receiving news of our 2020 leavers’ IBDP scores. They achieved an average score of 38.5 out of 45 points. This not only puts them well above the global average score of 29.9, it sets a new record for our school. Our class of 2020 will soon be matriculating at some of the world’s top-ranked colleges and universities. Among them: Cambridge, Brown, Georgetown, USC, Carnegie Mellon, Rice, University College of London and Imperial College of London.


Congratulations to all pupils.


Eleanor Prescott


Wellington College International Shanghai


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