Wellington College International Shanghai’s Annual Ball 2018

Another academic year is drawing to a close, which makes June a time for reflection, and the celebration of all of our accomplishments as a community. Last Saturday saw one of the social highlights of the Wellington calendar go off in spectacular style as the Grand Hyatt Shanghai became the host of the Rio Carnival-themed Wellington College International Shanghai’s Annual Ball 2018.

Bursting with the colour and vibrancy that you would expect from an event inspired by Brazil’s premier festival, this year’s ball was a glittering affair attended by hundreds of Wellington staff members and parents.

Wellington’s Annual Ball is also a time for giving back to the wider community and this year was no exception. Thanks to the generosity of the guests and our raffle sponsors, the raffle raised more than RMB 90,000 for Angel Baby, the chosen charity recipient for this year’s event.


In addition to celebrating our community, it is also gives opportunity to recognise everyone’s work throughout the year to support our fantastic pupils and children in all of their endeavours, both personal and academic, and to celebrate their achievements. Subsequently, the ball is a fitting time to look back on a job well done and raise a toast to the future, in anticipation of an exceptional 2018-2019 academic year!


“It was such a special night!!!! We felt like we were in our Carnival in Rio. People were dancing and experiencing our rich Brazilian culture. The popular dances of our country were very well represented. Samba, Frevo, Gafieira, Capoeira… and the music made for a very special night. Wellington College deserves all of our respect and admiration for having provided us such a wonderful night. I am very proud to be part of the organizational team and now looking forward to the next Annual Ball!”

Paola Nunes Dos Santos, Parent and Annual Ball Committee


“This was the best Annual Ball I have attended. Because everyone knew each other, it was sociable fun from the start. Furthermore, the food was outstanding and the entertainment brilliant.”

Ben Blackwood, Parent and Bursar, Wellington College International Shanghai


“Food and wine are all about sharing, and it’s something we carry through in all aspects of life. Our mission in life is not to only survive but thrive and do so with passion, compassion, humor, and style, and to share our hopes and dreams with our friends and family.”

Yoshi and Stefan Stiller, Parents and Annual Ball food and wine consultants


“I am so honoured to be a part of Wellington’s Annual Ball planning team because this event has such a special energy. The night was spectacular and I am already looking forward to the next one!”

Ivana Sedic, Parent and Annual Ball Committee


“The generous support of our Annual Ball sponsors as well as the planning committee helped make the evening spectacularly memorable, truly bringing the spirit of Carnival to life in Shanghai!”

Maya Tarabay-Schisano, Friends of Wellington Events Chair, Wellington College International Shanghai