Steeve Vaugondy

Steeve started to work as a History and Geography teacher in France, he decided then to leave his country to learn a different language and culture. Having lived in London for six years as a foreigner, his motivation to teach his mother tongue has become stronger. Steeve worked as a French assistant in several schools in the UK, he then completed my PGCE where his studies have given him valuable insight into the theory of effective teaching and learning. After completing my PGCE in Goldsmiths University in London, Steeve worked at the Crest Academy School in London where he taught Spanish and French. He worked then at the British School of Kuwait for several years.

As a teacher working in an international school, it is not surprising that Steeve loves traveling. He visited Brazil, Russia, Morocco, Vietnam, China, UK and of course France. Steeve is also passionate about news and especially politics, he enjoys following also what is happening in his country. He used to work for a French magazine as a journalist. Steeve is a movie’s fan, he appreciates particularly ‘Godfather’. Steeve has been practicing Martial Arts for several years such as viet vo dao, karate and kung fu.