Robert Hicks

Robert began teaching English in 1995 in China, and worked in the country for over four years before moving back to the UK with his family to pursue a career as a mathematics teacher. He has subsequently devoted the last twelve years to his role as a mathematics and ICT teacher at Severn Vale School in Gloucester, one of the county’s leading and most innovative academies. Robert moved to Shanghai with his wife, Helena, Wellington’s director of Chinese studies, and their niece, Suzi.

Robert believes that mathematics is a universal language and an elegant tool for problem-solving, and is at its most exciting when presented in the context of its real applications. As such, he seeks every opportunity to link mathematics to science, computing, finance and day-to-day life. He also shares his sense of wonder at its intricate forms and patterns, particularly those found in nature, with his pupils. Few things delight him more than the solving of a particularly challenging problem, and even more so the pride of a pupil who achieves a solution of their own with independence. Being part of the mathematics department of Wellington College Shanghai is a thrilling opportunity, and he feels privileged to be part of an institution that delivers such innovative and first-class education.