Richard Price

Richard has been teaching design and technology for 12 years and has worked at two private schools in London. He started his career at Forest School in East London where he was a tutor, became involved with various sporting activities, ran training days for newly qualified teachers, and was social representative for the Common Room. He then taught at Emanuel School in South West London for nine years while running the DT department for just over three years.

After completing his A Levels at The Leys, Richard went to the University of Wales, Bangor. Here he studied for a Bachelor of Science in design and technology secondary education and achieved this degree in the summer of 2006.

In his free time Richard enjoys skiing and always tries to get to the slopes at least once a year. He used to enjoy playing rugby but sadly his playing days are over so he now settles for being a spectator. He also likes to keep up to date with the world of design and technology in his spare time and is always researching the latest technological advances.