Daisy Rana

Daisy has taught for 25 years, spending the first 16 in ethnically diverse Secondary schools in West London as a teacher of Science, KS3 Science leader, Head of Science, Advanced Skills Teacher and a Raising Achievement Leader. She then moved with her husband, Michael, to Taiwan and spent five happy years as Assistant Headteacher focusing on assessment, reporting and achievement. Before joining Wellington, she spent three years as the Headteacher of the Secondary school at Mahindra International School in India.


Daisy completed her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at Leicester University and her PGCE qualification at Kingston University. She completed her Master of Arts qualification at St Mary’s University, West London, with a focus on leading innovation and change.


Outside of teaching, Daisy and her husband, Michael, both enjoy exploring new cultures and cuisines. She especially enjoys interior design and exploring the forgotten back streets and alleyways of the world’s cities.