Nina Li

Nina was born in Tianjin and brought up in Shanghai. Her family has a mix of southern and northern Chinese heritage with a father from Shanghai (south) and a mother from Tianjin (north). Part of the Wellington team since 2014, she has taught most year groups in Early Years and Pre-Prep. She has enjoyed the opportunity to develop her knowledge in early childhood education.


Nina took the British QTS Course (Qualified Teaching Status) at Durham University in 2016. During summer holiday, she taught in a local UK school and passed the requisite skill tests. Patient, hardworking and self-motivated, Nina has a talent for developing great relationships with both pupils and parents. She also maintains high standards for her pupils.


In her spare time, Nina is keen on travelling, photography and doing volunteer work. She likes learning about different cultures around the world and loves to seek out new experiences. A passionate teacher, Nina is excited to be part of Wellington’s Chinese department and will give as much support as she can to her pupils.