Nicola Edwards

In 2005, Nicola graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies and English. After working a variety of lifeless office jobs, she enrolled at Durham University to pursue her true vocation: teaching. With a PGCE in hand, Nicola’s first job took her south to teach English in a pleasant, leafy middle school. After she cut her teeth there, Nicola then moved to the UAE, where she taught a range of subjects and quickly gained the responsibility of several different departments including Humanities, Citizenship and Moral Education.

Like most international English teachers, Nicola enjoys reading and traveling. She is also a writer of fiction, especially Young Adult fantasy. At the present moment, much of Nicola’s spare time is occupied by her Masters in English Studies, which she is undertaking by Distance Learning from Nottingham University UK. When time allows, Nicola’s other hobbies include strength-training and taking long hikes in the country. Being slightly inclined to the geeky side, Nicola is an enthusiastic if incompetent player of table-top role-playing games.

As a teacher, Nicola’s guiding principle is to create a warm and caring classroom environment in which students feel safe to take risks in their learning.