David Bartoli

Since he was very young David Bartoli has always been fascinated with creating, designing and making. As a child he spent hours creating everything his imagination could come up with out of Lego. He believes that the ability to design and manufacture products is one of the hardest but most rewarding skills that pupils can learn. The design process is necessary for their development; experiences allowing them to experiment, create, take risks, manage projects, solve problems are all key skills that will be needed in the future.

This fascination with how the world works, why products/buildings/systems are the way they are, led David to discover the rest of the world. He loves to experience different cultures and understand the history, art and design behind them. Every country he visits, he picks up a new perspective on design, people and the wider world. The sustainable approach that Sweden takes with product design; the wonder and power of Jerusalem; the original crafting techniques of Morocco; the paintings and woodwork techniques of China; these are all just various drops in the water of what he has learned and experienced throughout his design journey.