Ayesha Ade-Onojobi

Originally from London, Ayesha has been in international education for eight years. She has taught music in the UK, Australia and China. Through working to develop curriculums and a lasting enjoyment in music, she became a Head of Department in 2020.


At the start of her education journey, Ayesha studied A-Levels in Music, Music Technology, Psychology and Dance. She then went on to study music at City University, where she gained experience in Samba ensembles, world music, and choirs. After graduation, Ayesha began working with all ages and developed a passion for early years. She decided to further her studies by getting a Postgraduate degree in Early Childhood Education in Australia. Her professional development studies include children’s wellbeing and effective assessment in art subjects, and she has a keen interest in how music supports child development.


Beyond music education, Ayesha enjoys listening and dancing to afrobeat, touch rugby, various crafts, board games and video games. She is grateful for the opportunity to travel the world exchanging cultures with her husband and sharing the joy of music.