Anna Bannister

Anna studied for a BSC (Hons) Degree in human psychology at Aston University, where she became particularly drawn to the field of cognitive neuroscience, and was awarded a Nuffield Foundation scholarship to study variability in human brain function, as well as using fMRI for her dissertation and volunteering as a research assistant throughout her time studying.  Anna went on to complete a PGCE specialising in KS2 and KS3 science.  After a decade of teaching, she is once again studying, this time for a Masters in educational leadership at the University of Buckingham.

Anna joins us from London, where she worked as Head of a rapidly expanding sixth form and has implemented a comprehensive work experience programme.  Prior to this, she had 5 years experience of Head of Department and had also taken on many further roles, such as whole-school careers coordinator and literacy coordinator. Anna has worked extensively with pupils who speak English as an additional language, and is particularly interested in encouraging pupils to develop a growth mindset.

Anna has two children and although they all frequently sail, walk and swim, she does feel her hobbies predominantly involve ferrying and watching the children during their activities. Anna enjoys travelling and is looking forward to kayaking, scuba diving, cycling and trekking across the Far East. She is particularly interested in human evolution, and would recommend any book by Professor Chris Stringer. Anna recently completed her first free-fall sky dive and is now hooked!